1. Anthony Flemming's Avatar
    Help Please!!!
    Long story short... I have vzw Gnote 2. I rooted for a bit then unrooted in anticipation for the 4.3 update soon to be rolling out.
    All was fine until I checked for updates in the settings screen. there was an update, I think it was the 4.1.2 update... anyways I downloaded and installed it.
    Everything looked fine while installing until it reboot. Now all my screen does is flash the samsung galaxy note II screen. Tried to use Odin to install md5 and it
    gives me a Failed messege... Is there any way I can reset this? I dont care about my information, I have contacts backed up.
    11-11-2013 03:55 PM
  2. Uncle Eliot's Avatar
    Try taking out the SD card and then restart. See if that helps.
    11-12-2013 08:38 AM

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