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    Today, for the first time, I noticed that my phone was going crazy. I do run a custom ROM and I do overclock, but I NEVER had this problem til today. I was using my phone and it was running REALLY slow. I didn't understand why because the phone was on standby and I wasn't running any apps. I then noticed that my phone started getting progressively warmer and warmer enough to the point it felt uncomfortable to put up to my ear. It would either get hot, or the phone would freeze and I would have to pull the battery. It then stopped. I just got home, put the phone on the charger and I started using it from the charger, just to send a few texts, go on instragram really quick ,and it began to do the same again. I got a battery temperature monitor widget and the temperature jumped from 89 to 101 in less than 2 minutes. I've never had this problem until now. I noticed most of the heat is felt closer to the earpiece. What could be the problem? I'm actually afraid to connect it to the charger tonight because of this overheating..
    12-05-2013 06:35 PM
  2. Reinburglar's Avatar
    I'm no pro, but I've had a few phones do that, and every time the cells in the battery had burst. It's possible you just need a new battery.

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    12-08-2013 01:06 AM

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