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    After the Android 4.3 update all of my custom ringtones were disabled and the phone was set to the default. Even worse, there is no way to change the ringtone for the default or custom ringtones per contact.

    If I attempt to change the ringtone via the settings->sound->Ringtones dialog, and then choose to add a new one via ES Explorer, the phone will fail to change it without any error message. If I do the same thing but select the "media storage" dialog and then "add" at the bottom to choose a new file, it will report "Unable to set as ringtone".

    I also tried to set the ringtone using the ES media app and Winamp with no success.

    The ringtone files, as wav, ogg, and mp3, are located variously in /storage/extSdCard/music, /storage/emulated/0/Notifications, and /storage/emulated/0/Ringtones.

    I had thought that the ability to set a custom ringtone was the killer feature of a smartphone .



    Edit: Is this related? After the 4.3 update the Play Music app and the "Music" app (I don't know if these are Google or Samsung apps) no longer have any information about the music library and are blank. The music is still in the same place it always was on the extSD card. I use the Mortplayer anyway so didn't notice this earlier.
    01-16-2014 02:15 PM
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    Hi, try making a ringtone with Ringdroid or Ringtone Maker. They will drop the file you want in the right place and set it how you want. Also Zedge is good for finding ringtones and will put them where they need to be in the phone folders.

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    01-16-2014 02:23 PM

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