1. Droid_Evo_8's Avatar
    Now that the S5 has been announced, anyone here gonna switch to that phone when you're due for the upgrade? Let's hear them, people.
    02-25-2014 03:41 PM
  2. anon(394005)'s Avatar
    Nope. I'm a Note fan (gotta have that S-Pen and larger screen), waiting for the Note 4!
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    02-25-2014 03:50 PM
  3. DevilJack's Avatar
    Nope. I'm a Note fan (gotta have that S-Pen and larger screen), waiting for the Note 4!
    Same with me

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    02-25-2014 04:14 PM
  4. ffejjj's Avatar
    I think I'll be waiting to see the new G3

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    02-25-2014 04:17 PM
  5. N2myN2's Avatar
    The S5 is a downgrade for us. And I have a Note II.
    02-25-2014 04:48 PM
  6. rsmin's Avatar
    Same with me

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    Same with me

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    02-25-2014 04:54 PM
  7. mrao's Avatar
    Except for the fingerprint sensor and updgraded RAM ..theres nothing really there to compel an upgrade from the s4

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    02-26-2014 06:31 AM
  8. holla420's Avatar
    I'm waiting on the note 4 now. Around that time my upgrade will be due

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    02-26-2014 07:39 PM
  9. yourphonemyphone's Avatar
    The Note 4 will be out in less than 7 to 10 months. No need to upgrade to the S5. The S5 is NOT and upgrade at all.
    02-26-2014 08:06 PM
  10. dpham00's Avatar
    After my note 2, I got a note 3. I won't be getting a s5 as the screen is too small for me

    dpham00, Android Central Moderator
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    03-01-2014 08:03 AM
  11. Jay Sacks's Avatar
    The S5 really looks like a great phone. But I think it will be most attractive to those with an S3, original note possibly and other phones that don't compare in features. If your not lucky enough to have an S4 or a Note 2 or Note 3...come on, it is a great phone.

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    03-01-2014 06:03 PM
  12. Andy847's Avatar
    Coming from an S3 to the Note 2, I liked my S3, but it doesn't compare to the Note 2 phone size and having the s pen. I'm waiting for the Note 4, but from the early things I'm reading, I'm hoping they stay away from that 3 sided flexible screen. I think it doesn't make the phone look good and I see no reason for having the screen on the side other than for another couple of places for the screen to break or crack. Can't even see how a case would work on that.

    I've been hooked on the Note devices since I got my original 10.1 when it came out. No phone is ever going to compare to what I can do on a Note phone with the features and stylus. Just my personal preference now. I'm sure the S5 is a nice phone though.
    03-01-2014 08:11 PM

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