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    Tried searching Note 2 forum and other forums on this...........I thought the S Voice application was supposed to work by saying "Hi Galaxy" even with the screen locked? I see on other devices their is an option for it to work with the screen locked.

    I saw in other forums where there is a screen locked option for S Voice but I don't see that on my Note 2. I'm running version 4.3 of android, non rooted. Anyone have this problem?

    And yes I know most say Google is better but if S Voice will work with the screen locked for both texting and phone calls I would rather use it. I noticed Google only does phone calls while the screen is locked.

    Let me know if anyone has had this problem or if your version shows S Voice working with screen locked. By locked I mean with a password for security.

    Update - spoke to Samsung support and they said it doesn't work.
    05-15-2014 07:57 AM

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