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    Yesterday I did quite a lot of net surfing on my Note 2. While out in my wife's car, I decided to plug the phone into my car charger. While plugged into the car charger, it started beeping at me and saying "Dock Connected". I don't even have a dock for it. Last night, it didn't even charge while it was plugged into a wall charger all night. The phone is not rooted, and has had no damage, not even water. I keep it in an Otter Box most of the time. I tried turning it off to see if it would charge while turned off, and it gave me a message with the android emblem saying "Downloading, Do Not Turn Off Target". I had to remove the phone from its Otter Box and pull the battery to get this to go away. What could be causing all of this? Like I said, it is not rooted, stays in an Otter Box, and has had no damage inflicted on it.

    Some further information: When the "Downloading, Do Not Turn Off Target" showed up, I left the phone turned off and plugged into my wall charger for about 2 hours. After that time, I did the battery pull and when the phone rebooted, still plugged into the wall charger, it showed 92% charged, I left the phone plugged in and turned on. An hour later, the phone said it only had a 64% charge.
    06-10-2014 12:23 PM
  2. steelrain82's Avatar
    I have this happen as well. I've had the battery drain all the way down to one. Come back 5 minutes later after plugging it in and it's at 58%. Each time is completely random.

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    06-13-2014 02:06 AM
  3. KBlack2595's Avatar
    I had the same problem it would get below 10% plug it in and it would think its at 50% I got the battery replaced under the warrenty and that fixed it
    06-13-2014 04:51 AM

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