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    anyone know how it's done.

    i've done the initial pairing. that works. don't know to what extent though. as i've just did the pairing.

    turn everything off and back on. it's a no go.

    i've got a droid bionic, asus tablet. acer tablet, and 2 samsung note 2's.

    my reason is that my aunt has an acer who's gps chip has NEVER worked. and neither does MY acer tablet.

    i've got everything setup that i can use ANY device as a gps transmitter using bluetooth for my laptop and pc. i'd like to try setting things up so that my aunt can use her acer tablet. i use copilot which is a full fledged map on my devices. which requires no internet. i'm a long haul truck driver. copilot is my gps. instead of buying actual units. i've got copilot on my aunt's acer tablet. now i need a way to transmit a gps signal since the device itself DON'T work. a way to transmit like i can with my laptop and pc.

    and when i mean DON'T. i mean ANY gps program is a no go. the gps light won't even light up on the notification bar.

    so how can i get 2 devices to continue pairing once they are setup? all my devices are paired with each other. but turning off and back on. is a no go. no more pairing.

    my aunt doesn't own a android phone. so i've given her my no longer used droid bionic. i'm sure she would much rather prefer her 10 inch tablet over a 4 inch screen. 70 year old eyes and all that. just need to make it work. and be nice if i could make my own acer tablet work also. it was the first tablet i bought. and i bought it specifically for a 10 inch gps screen. talk about a let down.
    06-15-2014 09:19 AM

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