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    Okay, so my Verizon Contract is up in the beginning of August. I'm paying a decent price on Verizon right now, because I wanted to lower my bills and I mostly use WiFi, except for GPS and places I can't get WiFi when out. I only pay for 500mb data and usually I'm lucky if I use 250mb. I don't like having to worry though about data, just in case I happen to need more.

    I've been reading a little online and see that Cricket just acquired AIO wireless, so more coverage and saying better than straight talk, because they don't throttle until over 5 or 7gig (can't remember which), where Straight Talk is something like over 2.5gig. Either one would be fine. I know not everyone is able to get the Verizon Note 2 to work with Straight Talk. I checked a Cricket Dealer and they said all they have to do is put a sim card in to check. Both services, would be pretty cheap for unlimited talk, text, and data. I don't really need all the data as I've said, but would be nice to have it. The only other option is a big carrier, like AT&T where not really saving that much, but is an option. I could always stick with Verizon if I HAD to, but kind of fed up with them and only keep them for their great coverage.

    Ideally, I want to keep my Verizon Galaxy Note 2, since I've only had it since last Halloween. So still a pretty new phone. Unfortunately, Cricket Wireless, doesn't carry the Notes, just the S5, which I'm not interested in. Maybe the Note 4, if I hold out until October or so, depending on when it comes out and the reviews. I didn't get the Note 3, because of all the problems when It first came out. So that's a strike against Cricket, especially if I can't get my Note 2 to work on it.

    I have a few questions though.
    1. I've been waiting to use Google Wallet Tap to Pay for a long time and am using it on my Note 2 without problems, I read the Note 3 cannot use this option, when looking at the phones that had that compatibility. If I go with Cricket Wireless or Straight Talk with my Note 2, will I be able to use the NFC Google Wallet Tap to Pay option, since I will not be with Verizon anymore? (I have the special Sim card from Verizon that enabled me to use this on my Note 2, not sure if it'll work after leaving them. I believe the guy from Cricket said there is no special sim card for that, but can't remember now.)

    2. If I go Straight Talk and I get everything to work, Text with pics and Video ability and Data also, do I have to have my phone Flashed? I know this was asked in another question on the forum, but never answered.

    3. If I do get my phone Flashed for Straight Talk to work, is it then unusable if I ever decide to go back to Verizon Wireless? Or is there a way to Flash Back to work on Verizon. Not sure if there is a waiting period for Verizon if I leave them and decide I don't like either Cricket or Straight Talk, and decide to go back. Probably would try AT&T before that though, and I would be able to get a newer phone like the Note 4 when it comes out.

    Thanks in advance for any input you can give me.
    07-11-2014 11:44 PM

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