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    I have owned a Galaxy note 2 for a couple years, and one of the must have features (common to most phones) is the ability to mute the phone (calls/messages/etc.) but still have the alarm ring and wake me up. This has worked great, and continues to work great on my wife's note 2. I dropped my phone and shattered it last month--since then, I am on my second replacement note 2 (same ebay seller-refurbished for both) and I cannot get the alarm to ring while the phone is muted. I have tried all the setting permutations I can think of, reset to factory default twice, tried several after-market alarm apps and yet the alarm will still not sound. I really don't want to use tasker or any additional app to "fix" what normally works on the stock phone. I wonder if it's something in the refurbishment process? Maybe these phones were rooted? I don't know if that could make a difference, but I'm about to try a third phone from a different seller---we'll see. Any clues out there????

    Update---got another refurb phone and the alarm worked on mute before I did anything to it, but when I factory reset it, and installed my sim card, restored it with my google account, the alarm doesn't work on mute again---I am bewildered and frustrated...

    Update---got the replacement phone working fine, just didn't follow the "automatic" sign into google cloud directions and just installed my apps one at a time. Still perplexed as to why this happens/happened.
    10-09-2014 09:51 AM

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