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    Hello everyone
    First I don't want to know how to do something if its illegal? Secondly I don't know what I'm doing just read threads? Just want to get phone back working!!!!! Please help before my wife kills me!!!!!!!!
    My Wife's note 2 Verizon SCH-I605 wont come on not matter what button combinations i try?have tried 4 new batteries?And three new chargers? Also wont connect with PC? It just shut off and wont come back on? eBay has a bad ESN motherboard for $45.00 dollars that works can I use it by using my fried motherboard IMEI? Is their a way to change the bad motherboards IMEI to the the Bad ESN motherboard it would save me about $80.00 dollars or more and on Disability every penny counts? Or do I just put the Sim card from the fried motherboard into the bad ESN motherboard and the Sim will work, That's what a Guy told me since the Sim is already activated on the fried motherboard? Have Verizon Allset Plan (prepaid $45.00 unlimited text and voice and 3GB of Data for $20.00 with a 90 days).
    HERE is the motherboard:
    can't post links yet sorry!!!!!! but its on eBay
    SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 2 i605 16GB Logic Mother Board Motherboard Bad ESN

    What do think, Will this work either way?
    10-15-2014 11:58 PM

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