1. TheDroidLurker's Avatar
    My Note 2 finally died for good.

    I had been using an Asurion replacement for a while now. Yesterday, while in a conversation, the person on the other end of the line started complaining of "static". I told them I couldn't hear anything and pulled my phone away from my ear to look at the screen and check my signal.

    Woah.. The screen was flickering and rolling like a defective television from the 50's. Then the top right side of the device started to heat up. So I ended the call and tried a reset. No good. then I swapped batteries. No good. Still got hot. Then I tried plugging it in.


    Now it is not even trying to power on and there is a faint acrid smell.

    No water, no impact. The thing still looks perfect. Just dead.

    So now I'm waiting on a backordered replacement. The up side is that it will be a new Note 4 since they said I wasn't going to get another refurb because of my trouble. Until then, I'm rocking the old DX2.

    Anyone else ever have their note 2 overheat that badly? My old Droid x2 used to get hot a hell but never burned out!

    Shows how long it's been since I've had to mess with a bad phone..... I did a quick check and, Lo and
    Behold, I found Note 2 sudden death syndrome. Well, now I don't feel left out....
    11-07-2014 10:32 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Ugh. Oh well, at least you're getting a nice shiny Note 4 instead--not a bad trade!
    11-07-2014 11:58 AM
  3. TheDroidLurker's Avatar
    That is the silver lining. I always thought those stories about phones getting hot and/or combusting (outside of battery problems) were generally a load of crap. I use the heck out of mine and (other than replacing batteries) never had anything like this happen. Although I did have an old DX shock me once through a set of ear buds, lol.

    Guess I am now in the club.
    11-07-2014 12:09 PM
  4. N2myN2's Avatar
    It could be your Micro SD card going bad. Remove it and see if your phone comes back to life.
    11-07-2014 06:00 PM
  5. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Shhh! Don't fix his old phone! He's getting a Note 4 in exchange!
    11-07-2014 09:50 PM
  6. TheDroidLurker's Avatar
    no worries. lol.

    It definitely wasn't the sd card. The phone has a definite "burnt circuitry" smell now. something on the main board must have burned out when I had it plugged in. It won't even try to turn on now. Looks like I lost a few photos that I had saved in the device memory.
    11-08-2014 09:38 AM
  7. SXGLI's Avatar
    I believe many of the issues have to do with Samsung's product quality, i.e. it has to do with the design and manufacturing of the mainboard, or even defects in the chip. Samsung should know this and find ways to address the issues of poor product quality in order to improve product qualify. My Note 2 screen freeze within a year, and Samsung said it was not repairable and cost me $150 to repair (or replace the first phone). The replacement phone had the exact same problem and freeze again within a years. Now I have to spend $300 to fix (or replace). If this goes on the same way, Samsung can keep on produce poor quality phones and have customers keeps on spending money to fix their phones. This is very unfair for the customer, and Samsung seems to just walk away with this.

    Many products in the market place, when defects are identified by customers, users, overseeing agency, or even by the manufacturer themselves; the product can be recalled due to its poor quality which unfairly charged to the customers. There certainly should have a similar mechanism to track down Samsung's products, particularly with their Note 2s.
    11-28-2014 11:28 AM

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