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    So, I have decided that I am going to upgrade to the Note 4, but I want to keep my unlimited data, which is getting more and more difficult. I have a non smartphone line that has an upgrade available, but, apparently, I can't do the transfer upgrade. What methods are available at this time?
    12-18-2014 08:30 PM
  2. MORANDCHI's Avatar

    I have unlimited data with Verizon. From what I understand is that you have to pay for the phone at full retail price in order to keep your Unlimited data plan.
    I have done this twice. The first phone I bought was the HTC one M7. I then Traded it in after i paid it off for the LG-G3 which I got a few months ago.

    What I do in order to pay for the phones outright is this. I have a best buy credit card and did the 0% financing with credit card. It is either 12 or 18 months without any interest if you pay it off in full at the time.

    you have to run the numbers too and see if it is worth it. In my case that Best buy way is worth keeping my unlimited data plan. However my wife had the UDP but gave it up because her average data use was like 2 gigs. When she switched to a tiered plan they gave her 6 gigs for the price of 2 or 3.

    My average data use for 6 months is 42 gigs. So It pays for me to pay outright for the phone.

    hope this helps

    12-18-2014 09:09 PM

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