1. jlost's Avatar
    I have an upgrade in a few weeks and I see the Note 3 is $99 certified like new and I was wondering, instead of jumping to the Note 4, which is $300, is it a good idea to just go with the Note 3. $300 is a lot at the momemt as i am renovating my house and money should go else where first. I have the note 2. Have people gotten a certified like new phone from Verizon? What are your thoughts? Thank s for the help.
    01-15-2015 01:51 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    I've owned a couple of Note 3s for over a year. I don't see anything that would make me spend the $200 difference you're facing to upgrade to a Note 4. (I wouldn't even spend $100 for that upgrade - the 3 is a good phone.)

    My wife had to get a replacement from Verizon. It was a refurb, which is the same as a "certified like new" phone. It was a dumb phone, so it's sitting in a carton, but If I put a working battery in it now, it would come right up - and it's at least 5 years old. (My daily driver is an AT&T refurb - you get it over everyone's dead body - it goes to my grandson when I die if it's still worth using by then. I won't go out of the house without having it on my belt [in an Otterbox Defender].)

    Look at the differences between them (in the store, where you can play with working ones). If there's something in the 4 that you absolutely must have and are willing to spend another $200 to get, go with the 4. Otherwise, I think you'll be happy with the 3.

    (If it's the difference in versions of Android, ignore them - if they don't have Lollipop on the 3, they will - if you like bugs. [I may update to 6, but unless they do a MAJOR rework on 5 - to the point that it should be called 6 - I don't want it.])
    01-15-2015 03:55 PM
  3. Haalcyon's Avatar
    Funny you asked. I had been wanting a second phone to complement the Note 4 I got myself for Christmas. I tried 3 phones before I realized the only that could make me happy was gonna be a Note Edge or a Note 3 (configured differently, of course, than my Note 4). ...and the Note 3 can be had at good prices now so that's what I got Friday after auditioning a Galaxy Alpha, S5, and Moto X over 3 weeks. The S Pen is great and I don't like being without it. The Note 3's screen is almost as good as the Note 4's. It's still a great phone.

    Get the Note 3. I don't know who your carrier but AT&T is offering new Note 3s for $149 on a 2-year. That's half the cost of a Note 4 on a 2-year and it's certainly way more than half the palmtop that the Note 4 is.
    01-15-2015 04:15 PM
  4. jlost's Avatar
    I'm on Verizon. It's $99 referbed.
    01-15-2015 06:02 PM
  5. Haalcyon's Avatar
    I'm on Verizon. It's $99 referbed.
    Go for it. The good thing about a refurbed phone is that you know a tech has checked it over and made sure it's up to snuff.
    01-15-2015 06:35 PM
  6. jlost's Avatar
    Ok thanks for your opinions.
    01-15-2015 07:59 PM
  7. anon(394005)'s Avatar
    To play devil's advocate a bit...

    I'd spend the extra money and get a brand spanking new Note 4. Otherwise IMO you're compromising and getting not only a year+ old phone, but a refurb that may have a questionable past (despite what a tech may have checked on it, assuming they actually checked it thoroughly). In the end I'd be worried it could end up being a crap shoot. Whereas for the extra $200, you're getting a brand new in the box, latest model phone with its vastly improved screen, better build quality with metal bezels/sides and soft touch backing (sans the cheesy faux stitching of the Note 3) and latest software features (in particular for the S-Pen). Overall, I think the better value is the Note 4.

    Note: full disclosure, I passed over the Note 3 and kept my Note 2 an extra year as the 3 just didn't feel like much of an upgrade. Couldn't say the same for the Note 4. IMO, it was well worth paying full retail (to keep Verizon grandfathered unlimited data).
    01-16-2015 03:49 PM
  8. Haalcyon's Avatar
    There's obviously different perspectives but I will offer that they both have their merits. In having both the Note 3 and 4 side-by-side I can tell you there is not that big of a difference in the screen sharpness. Yes, the 4 looks slightly sharper but it's not dramatic at all. Yeah, the Note 3 doesn't have metal. When only the iPhone was metal androiders were all about why plastic was better. Now with the Note 4 some are talking about how the metal scratches or chips. Things you never heard anyone mention with the Note 3.

    The Note 4 IS a better device. It's newer, it's specs are better. It is the evolution of the Note 3. My point is that the Note 3 ia stillan outstanding device and for $99? That's a steal! I was skeptical of refurbished devices too until I had a refurbished Note 3 last year. That phone was absolutely flawless and I'm picky as heck when it comes to my phones...errr...palmtops. OCD. Anal as heck. Always looking for the next flaw lurking around the corner. It's sad. Really. ...but the refurb Note 3 I got was without flaw.

    Try this if you're not sure. Get the Note 3. Try it for up to 14 days. If in that time you change your mind and want more you can get the 4. The most you'd lose is what... $35 or $40 restocking fee. I'm imagining you've spent that on less rewarding things in the past? ...or just jump to the Note 4 now.

    EDIT: A real issue I run into on my Note 4 is that not all my games run on it due to the higher screen resolution. I have to wait for the devs to get around to updating their apps. Apps that work fine on my Note 3. Devs need to get with the program.
    01-16-2015 04:26 PM
  9. jlost's Avatar
    Thanks again. l have the Note 2 as of now. My wife has the Note 3 and I know it is a great device. I don't know, maybe I'll just keep this for a little while longer. Thanks for the input.
    01-16-2015 05:50 PM

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