1. Jack in NC's Avatar
    Greetings from NC!

    My Note 2 died a couple months ago. The guy at the VZ store said it looks like it has water damage, which is probably true.

    I'd like to recycle it, but, even though it's dead, I'd like to somehow feel confident that the data is wiped from it. Obviously, I've already pulled the SD card, but I'd like to know what other steps I can take to mess with the internals enough to feel like maybe it's "clean" in there.

    Powerful magnets?

    06-13-2015 12:43 PM
  2. firewater88's Avatar
    If you can't get into it to do a factory reset, you can try to hook up to computer and wipe that way.
    Try holding power, home and vol up to boot and see if you get into recovery. There you should be able to wipe.
    If you can't boot at all, there might not be a way to wipe data.
    06-13-2015 01:02 PM
  3. Jack in NC's Avatar
    Yeah, it's completely dead. Won't boot at all.

    06-13-2015 01:30 PM

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