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    I am looking to get 2 white verizon galaxy s3 battery doors...i saw them on verizon a couple of days ago for $7 and change i could get it for $5 and change bc i get 25% off accessories...i checked yesterday and they were gone i called verizon and said they were all out and he put in a request to notify me when they come in. In the mean time the guy said i can go through samsung directly...so i looked on sammys website and the piece of plastic is $20 dollars! Do u think if i call samsung and tell them verizon doesnt have any instock do u think they would be able to match verizons price of atleast $7? Or does anyone know where i can get 2 OEM battery doors in white for less then directly from samsung? Any info will be appreciated

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    10-06-2012 07:50 PM
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    Check Amazon.

    I typed in 'Galaxy S3 white door' and a bunch of them popped up for 5$ or so.

    I would link but I did it from the amazon app, good luck.

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    10-21-2012 08:25 PM
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    Thanks for the help i ended up getting them from verizon...when i originally called the guy put a flag on my issue and would let me know every 3 days and if they werent in then he would text me telling me they werent in but after a week and a half they got 90 in and he called and i ordered them. Thanks for the help though

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    10-21-2012 08:38 PM
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    No problem, happy it worked out.

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    10-22-2012 10:00 PM

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