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    I bought the Juicepack from BB for $80 bucks (they price matched the Mophie site) last week. I was wondering if anyone had purchased the Seidio Innocell Plus Power Case for the S3? Both were $100, and each seemed to have it's pro/cons. The reasons I ended up going with the Juicepack were the on/off standby toggle, they had it in white, it gave an extra 2300mAh as opposed to around 1800 on the Seidio, it was NFC compatible, and the volume rocker and power button had a very nice feel to them with the case on.

    Advantages I saw in the Seidio- it came with 2 1750 batteries, a very nice Seidio case and holster, and a desktop charging cradle for the extra battery. The Seidio case had a nice textured rubber feel to it, whereas the Juicepack is slick and glossy and feels like the back of a naked S3. I don't use holsters so that was a non-issue, but the charging cradle was a nice addition.

    I'm wondering if anyone bought the Seidio and can comment on it. I'm concerned that the Juicepack, while it states that it's good for 500 full cycle charges, will malfunction at some point and since it's enclosed in the case, I can't remove it without sending it back to the manufacturer, whereas with the Seidio I can just replace the battery.
    11-29-2012 10:56 AM

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