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    I do not take credit for the following mods. Most of them I discovered through reading through threads on different sites and just thought I would share some of the things that I have learned and am using.

    Guide to Root the Jellybean OTA for Verizon Galaxy S3
    [GUIDE] Root for Jelly Bean OTA ***UPDATED 12/25*** - xda-developers
    or with pictures
    Smartphone Solution: Root Verizon Galaxy S3 SCH-I535 Jelly Bean I535VRBLK3

    Remove Persistent Wifi Notification and change System Colors, Toggles, Clock location and battery symbols and more:
    Kinda Crap Mods.
    Go to the following link:
    [MOD][VRBLI5/J1/K1/K3][AROMA] Kinda Crap Mods 2.6 (Updated 12/8/2012) - xda-developers
    Download the newest file (2.6 as of todays date)
    Reboot into Recovery and flash the zip. As per his instructions and my testing, ONLY DO THIS IN CLOCKWORK MOD and not TWRP Recovery.
    When you install the zip it will launch Aroma installer and let you select all of your options (a lot of things to choose from).
    After instillation is complete Reboot and enjoy.
    To Change toggles there is an icon in the app drawer called Lidroid Settings.

    Note - This will ask you specifically what type of device you have and will work with any Touchwiz Jellybean (choices for Deoxed and Oxed)

    Put Normal Ringtones (from Galaxy Nexus) on the Phone:
    Unzip the following:
    You now have a folder called GNex Ringtones
    Place its contents (folders called ringtones, alarms, and notifications) onto your SD Card.
    Using Root Explorer (or similar) Navigate to the newly created folders that are on your SD Card and select to Move them (one at a time)
    Navigate to System/media/audio and complete the move
    It will ask you if you would like to merge the folders (since they already exist)
    Select Yes
    Repeat Steps until all three folders are moved.

    Note If you copy and paste them instead of moving them you will have duplicate ringtones/alarms/notifications. This is fixable by then deleting them off of the SD Card
    Note2 You could just leave them on the SD Card and not move them to System/media/audio and they will work but I prefer to have them on the device

    Remove PowerOn, PowerOff, Charger connected and Camera Shutter sounds:
    Using Root Explorer (or similar) navigate to System/media/audio/ui
    Rename PowerOn.ogg to PowerOn.ogg.disabled
    Rename PowerOff.ogg to Powerff.ogg.disabled
    Rename Charger_Connection.ogg to Charger_Connection.ogg.disabled
    Rename Shutter.ogg to Shutter.ogg.disabled
    Rename Shutter_multiple.ogg to Shutter_multiple.ogg.disabled

    Note To re-enable these sounds just change the name back.
    Note2 You can do this to any UI sound

    Change the lock/unlock/touch drip sounds to the sounds of the Nexus(7):
    Copy the following .oggs to your SD Card:
    Using Root explorer (or similar) navigate to where you placed these files.
    Doing each sound individually, select Move
    Navigate to System/media/audio/ui and complete the move
    Now long press on the sounds you just placed and change its permissions to RW/R/R
    Repeat for each sound

    Note If you want, first navigate to the sounds and rename them to lock.ogg.disabled (and so on) so that later you can revert back to the drip sounds

    Add the JellyBean Keyboard to your phone:
    Copy the following file to your SD Card:
    Reboot into recover and flash the .zip
    Reboot and now you have the JellyBean keyboard on your phone

    Note Alternatively, you could just download one form the play store but I like the official one better.

    Attached, please find some screenshots to show what some of the mods do, and to better understand the changing of the permissions.

    I am running every single on of these mods and have had no issues, no force closes, no lag whatsoever.

    If you have any mods that you use for the Official Jellybean OTA for the Verizon Galaxy S3 post them here.
    Attached Thumbnails Mods for the Jellybean OTA on the Verizon Galaxy S3 (mostly Root Required) - Link to Kinda Crap Mods-screenshot_2013-01-22-14-46-54.png   Mods for the Jellybean OTA on the Verizon Galaxy S3 (mostly Root Required) - Link to Kinda Crap Mods-screenshot_2013-01-22-14-46-38.png   Mods for the Jellybean OTA on the Verizon Galaxy S3 (mostly Root Required) - Link to Kinda Crap Mods-screenshot_2013-01-22-14-46-32.png   Mods for the Jellybean OTA on the Verizon Galaxy S3 (mostly Root Required) - Link to Kinda Crap Mods-screenshot_2013-01-22-14-45-15.png   Mods for the Jellybean OTA on the Verizon Galaxy S3 (mostly Root Required) - Link to Kinda Crap Mods-screenshot_2013-01-22-14-45-55.png  

    01-22-2013 02:57 PM
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    hi, i installed a few mods from this post and i am having a few issues, setting doesn't work and lock scree has yellow tint/ wrong time on clock. is there a reverse method to reinstall the wifi notification?
    01-27-2013 10:32 PM
  3. Mastaking's Avatar
    Here is a link to the stock SystemUI.apk - https://www.dropbox.com/s/74lb8fsnltn42x5/SystemUI.apk

    What I think you want to do however is have the persistent notification back, correct?

    I will look into that for you just a couple questions
    1. Did you reboot afterwards?
    2. What state is your phone in? (stock JB Rooted?, Custom ROM?, etc.)

    Also, did you create a backup beforehand?

    I am still running each of these mods and have had zero issues so far and am sorry that you are having some but I will try to help.
    01-28-2013 04:25 PM
  4. ellisz's Avatar
    Does the systemui.apk remove the brightness slider like the one in the thread?

    Edit: Nevermind. found out it does I kind of like the brightness slider.
    01-28-2013 09:19 PM
  5. Mastaking's Avatar
    in the thread that I link to he has similar mods that include the brightness slider.
    01-28-2013 10:20 PM
  6. R3dM0nd's Avatar
    i resolved my issue but only by installing a clean version of the stock rooted rom, and not using that mod again., maybe it was an issue on my end, i'm not too sure
    01-28-2013 10:46 PM
  7. Mastaking's Avatar
    i resolved my issue but only by installing a clean version of the stock rooted rom, and not using that mod again., maybe it was an issue on my end, i'm not too sure
    That sucks what happened to you. I have soft bricked myself several times so I know its frustrating. Through research I think all you needed to do was delete a couple of deoxed files but I am happy that you are back up and running. I also found Kinda Crap Mods and am so happy I did. I updated the original post by taking out the file that messed up your settings as well as the mod that changed the toggles. I added a link to Kinda Crap Mods ([MOD][VRBLI5/J1/K1/K3][AROMA] Kinda Crap Mods 2.6 (Updated 12/8/2012) - xda-developers) which actually lets you change toggles, all different type of system colors, change color, style and location of clock, color and style of battery symbol, lets you use MulitWindow features, adds the ability to hold Home button on lockscreen to launch flashlight, Restart menu with options to reboot into recovery, download, etc. and more.

    I would definitely suggest checking it out. It uses an Aroma installer and asks you before hand what type of setup you are using to make sure that it installs properly. It also makes a backup of your current settings and will let you revert if you want.
    01-29-2013 09:47 AM

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