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    Firstly, I get it, I'm an *****. I've been in the cellular industry for years and I believed a Verizon Global rep before I saw it in action. I know, I know.

    Secondly, I get it, I'm an *****. I've been in the cellular industry for years and I don't know about frequencies. I moved to Australia with two VZW Global devices and they only run 2G which clocks in at a whopping 20 kbps. I have a Razr and a GS3; the razr I have going with AOKP which very nicely put in all the APN settings for me (thank you AOKP people). Unfortunately, the camera app isn't working; usually force closes. So, even though I have a certain amount of disdain for Motorola's cameras anyway; I'd like to fix it with a patch, or even a different Rom.

    I've been messing with this f$%*ing GS3 for the whole day. I can't seem to find a ROM that accomodates the band I'm trying to work with which apparently is UMTS/WCDMA 850 mHz. It's gotta be possible. (Dunno if anyone's noticed, but stock GS3 doesn't even have the option to add a new APN! There is a group of words that I use for this kind of stuff; and it rhymes with "ducking bass mole"

    I'm thinking of trying another AOKP since it worked for the Razr; but I don't have the knowledge to apply the reasoning why I can't find a ROM for the GS3.

    I could just be tired. I could just be lazy. But most likely, I'm just stupid.

    Really struggling here y'all.

    01-24-2013 07:43 AM

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