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    I installed this kernel a couple weeks ago after switching to Baked Blackbean 7, an AOSP 4.2.1 Rom. I had been running the 1/26 version, but just flashed the 2/7 AOSP 4.2 version today. I havne't used the touchwiz version, so I can't comment on it too much.

    Here's a link to a developer thread [edited link to show 1st page of thread]:
    [KERNEL][VERIZON][AOSP/Touchwiz][JELLYBEAN & ICS][2/7/2013] KT747 - LJ7 - KTweaker - xda-developers

    There are a couple things that seem to set this kernel apart. There are versions availabe for AOSP 4.1 & 4.2 as well as touchwiz 4.1. In addition, it provides a wide range of governors and i/o schedulers including ktoonservative, the developers version of conservative with some additional tuning options. Not all of the options for ktoonservative are available on touchwiz. The kernel also comes with an app, KTweaker, that's installed when you flash the kernel. It'll let you choose i/o schedulers, the governor, and adjust settings for each along with some other options like undervolting, setting max cpu frequency when screen is off, enabling fast charge, etc.. It's short on ways to monitor system performance, but that's really the only major drawback I've seen.

    A couple of lessons learned when using the AOSP 4.2 version of the kernel:
    -If you use ktoonservative, you need to go into developer options and select disable HWoverlay. Not doing so will lead to screen flicker.
    -To fully utilize the governors, you need to disable mpdecision. It's a file located under /system/bin. It interferes with the governors operation and won't allow you to take full advantage of it's settings. I disabled it by renaming the file name using ES File Explorer and rebooting the phone.
    -Note that if you use the touchwiz version, read the OP on the thread above. It has some other items you'll need to know.

    I'm currently running ktoonservative governor with the following options recently suggested by Ktoonsez. My i/o scheduler is noop since it has emphasis on battery life.
    boost_turn_on_2nd_core = 1
    cpu_down_block_cycles = 0
    disable_hotpluging = 0
    down_threshold = 52
    down_threshold_hotplug = 35
    freq_step = 5
    ignore_nice_load = 0
    no_2nd_cpu_screen_off = 1
    sampling_down_factor = 1
    sampling_rate = 45000
    sampling_rate_min = 10000 (this one is READ-ONLY if you didn't know)
    up_threshold = 57
    up_threshold_hotplug = 58
    use_yoyo = 1

    I'm running stock frequencies and am undervolted 30mv at every level. Some phones don't under volt, some will under volt extrememly well. Everyone will be different. I also have max freq with screen off set to 594 Mhz which is disabled while in a call. Touchboosters are disabled.

    So, with these settings I'm getting some pretty reasonable battery life. I've been keeping my wifi on, 4g on, bluetooth on, all day today. With light use after 9 hours I'm down to 68%. I think that's doing pretty good for a 4.2 AOSP rom. It's certainly better than what I was doing on the stock kernel that came with my rom.

    Here's a thread with some in depth discussion on the governor and it's settings. Most of it involves the 1/26 version or older. Ktoonsez has added some additional options for ktoonservative with his newest release yesterday[EDIT-newest release is 2/8]. The OP still has a lot of good info though.
    [Team Kernelizers] {how to} Ktoonsnative governor and I/O tweaks - xda-developers

    Overall, a great kernel. I've found you can tune for good performance and battery life at the same time. If you like, you can go all out performance or battery, but it's up to you and that's what is so nice about this kernel.
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    02-08-2013 02:20 PM
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    thanx for the info....ive been running that kernel, diff variants for awhile. had it on my sprint s3 and now have the updated version on my verizon s3. theres def alot going on with that kernel, its very tweakable, but your info there brought some more stuff to light about it. the screen flicker etc...thanx. ill be watchin out for more from ya to just in case. over-n-out
    06-09-2013 03:52 PM

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