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    I paid to have my S3 flashed over to Pageplus network, but now I want to flash a custom ROM. Which ROM(s) will work with my phone? I was told not to do any of the following:

    1. NO OTA Android Updates Period (You will break your flash)

    2. No OTA Programming *228, *22890, *22800, *22801 or any other Variants

    3. Some Rom's do not play well with Flashed Phones do your research before flashing.

    4. Never do a RTN (Return to Network) Reset ##786# (Most definitely will break your flash)

    5. Some Radios cause issues if you flash (If the phone is working leave it be)

    6. Factory Reset ( I recommend not to do this also, some phones it will break things period)
    10-20-2013 08:49 AM

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