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    Last night I soft-bricked my phone and got the Yellow Triangle of Death. Rather than take my phone to Verizon, I decided to do some searching around for a fix and found one on xda. Another user here suggested that I post the solution I found. I do not want to take credit for anyone else's work so I shall post a link to the guide and include some directions, in case someone has a hard time with the ones written in the original post.

    You can find step-by-step instructions, as well as all necessary files, here: [GUIDE Win/Linux/Mac] Debrick 4.3 with Odin or Verizon Utility + PIT [SOFT BRICK] - xda-developers

    Please, please, read the whole post, but in case anyone needs it, I will tell you exactly what I did. I used the second method listed in the post (which requires Windows):

    1. Turn off your phone and plug it into your PC using a USB cable.
    2. If needed, download the appropriate drivers to your PC (there is a link provided in the post). I did not need them.
    3. Download the ZIP file that is linked to and unzip it into any folder.
    4. Boot into download mode by holding down the Volume Down button and the Power button simultaneously. Let go when the screen comes on. When the display appears with instructions, hit Volume Up to continue into download mode.
    5. Run SUA.exe. It is in the folder that you unzipped earlier. It should detect your phone.
    6. Click on the Repair Assistant tab, and then click on Repair [your device]. There will be a warning telling you that all data must be erased. Hit OK to continue.

    That's it! Make sure you leave your phone plugged in during the reparation process and let the program do its magic. Your phone will automatically reboot (it might take a while the first reboot). You should be all set.

    Like I said, follow the instructions provided in the original thread and then read mine if you are having any problems. I apologize in advance for any mistakes I made. I'm sure you can switch around the order of some of the steps I listed, but that's the order I did them in.

    And thank you to the individual who started the original thread!
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    02-17-2014 03:45 AM
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    6. Click on the Repair Assistant tab, and then click on Repair [your device].
    For anyone that's interested, this tool is already on your Verizon phone (when it's working, of course).
    Most people probably ignore the prompt, but when you first connect your phone to a Windows-based computer, on the phone you'll see a message in the Notification bar that says 'Connected as an installer', and on the PC you'll see a dialog prompting you to run Software Update installer (something like that name anyway).

    If you choose the prompt it'll install the tool that's referenced above.

    If you ignore the prompt, then in about 30 seconds it goes away and is replaced by the standard Windows Explorer dialog showing the contents of the phone, and the Notification bar on the phone changes to show that the phone is connected in MTP mode.

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