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    Last week my employer informed me they need me to have a net book or tablet on me at home for work. I have an iPad for Verizon, and they have offered to pay for the data-only share plan that Verizon offers with the new plans. They will not allow me to add the line to my existing contract however, so I now have to sign up for a new, second account (which does anyone know of Verizon even allows- two separate accounts under the same persons name?)

    Anyway, I've wanted the S3 since it was announced but I let my mom have an upgrade from my plan a few months ago, and I don't have a new upgrade until March. When I get a new account for my iPad, will I have an upgrade on that line. I understand data-only share plans are no-contract but I also know with products like MiFis you can upgrade them. Is it possible for me to use the upgrade on the data-only plan, and then switch the plan back after the phone is upgraded and use the S3 on my other account?

    I would assume tablet lines get upgrades and don't see why this can't be done, as I know many people use upgrades from other lines then just put dumb phones on them afterwards.
    07-13-2012 01:18 AM