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    I work in a area that just barely gets 4G service. The issue I am having is the phone will lock onto 4G, but not move any data. It will just sit there with the 4G icon at the top of the screen without the arrows lit up. It will not switch over to 3G. If it does start out on 3G, everything works fine for a little while, then it will switch itself to 4G and stall. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    07-16-2012 11:34 AM
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    07-16-2012 12:21 PM
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    No, I didn't do that. Shouldn't the phone switch to 3G automatically if there is no 4G signal? I don't really want to disable it because I want 4G when it's available.
    07-16-2012 01:18 PM
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    yes im having a similer issue with it not wanting to be on 3g .
    07-16-2012 11:43 PM
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    07-16-2012 11:45 PM
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    Yup, mine did that all of the time. Mine would say 4g but I would be getting 3G downloads constantly. I finally said screw it with this phone and went back to my iPhone 4s.
    07-17-2012 12:33 AM
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    I have not had this issue. My 4G works perfectly. The only issue is that it goes to 4G perfectly, but switching to 3G just takes a little longer. But both 3G and 4g work as they should. Maybe I just lucked out
    07-17-2012 12:36 AM
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    This just in from VZW Tech level 2:

    Samsung is aware of the switching issue and is rushing a patch for the S GIII. This affects phones on the CDMA/LTE platform. It will be out no later than October 1. It has to do with the phone's ability to switch between 1G/3G/4G automatically.
    07-20-2012 02:22 PM
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    Sometimes mine switches immediately...sometimes there is a few second delay...this is indoors where both signals are pretty low.

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    07-20-2012 08:10 PM