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    I know that some have complained of weaker 3G speeds. I was thinking, could it be because of the antenna location? The CDMA antennae are located in the lower right of the phone only. The problem is probably made worse if you put your hand over the antenna area. The LTE antenna is located in the lower left and LTE diversity antenna in the top side, perhaps why LTE signal is stronger? I am curious about this because the iPhone has CDMA antennae one on top and one on bottom. Attachment 31233Attachment 31234

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    07-17-2012 12:57 PM
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    I don't think it's due to antenna location. Razr also has similar CDMA, LTE antenna placement but has no CDMA reception issue. It's probably issue with either SIM or bad unit.
    07-17-2012 01:07 PM