1. monsterenergy22's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    My boss just upgraded to the S3 and I was helping him out with the transition. However, I am having trouble with the auto restore of his apps from the Play Store. I had him remove and re add his google account but there was no tick box to restore his apps and settings from his account. The only tick box was to backup his account. Any ideas?
    07-23-2012 04:56 PM
  2. pckocher's Avatar
    I may be wrong, but I THINK that apps are automatically restored from backup only if you perform a factory reset on your existing phone, or if you replace your phone with essentially the same model. As an alternative, you can go into the Google Play store, look up "My Apps," and then install the apps you've purchased previously on other phones (one by one).

    Example: Two days ago, I returned my 16GB Galaxy SIII when I purchased a now-in-stock 32GB Galaxy SIII. When I set the new phone up with the same Google ID as my first one, apps were pushed to my phone and installed automatically from the Google backup servers! I was in such disbelief that I even performed a factory reset on the phone, then watched as, once again, all my apps came back one by one.

    Disclaimer: when I upgraded from my OG EVO (on Sprint) to the Galaxy SIII (on Verizon), I did not see any such restoration process. But if I'm not mistaken, the Google backup of apps and settings is disabled on the EVO (which was running Gingerbread + Sense). Hope this all helps.
    07-23-2012 05:18 PM
  3. Albee Tan's Avatar
    I had the same issue going fro the Galaxy s2 to the s3. This is what I did to get around it but I don't think "login to Samsung Account" is what fixed it, even though it had the 'restore from samsung account option' (which didn't connect anyway).

    Firstly, I had to pull out the sim card before I did the factory reset. I think this is how I got it to prompt for the wireless network setup.
    I then entered the samsung account login, but it errored out with a network connection issue anyway.
    Then the next page that has the 'keep your phone backed up with your Google Account' option poped up, this time with the option "restore from my Google Account to this phone" on the line before it. I ticked both options.
    When it completed, I went to "Play Store", which listed all the apps registered in my Google Account. Clicked install and they all got installed one after another. Can take a while depending on how many apps you have.

    11-24-2012 10:05 AM