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    So the last couple days when I wake up and put my phone back into vibrate mode after being in silent mode all night, it does not work properly. I get emails and texts but no vibrations. I restart my phone and that seems to help, but not every time. When I send messages to myself to test it, sometimes it will do a partial vibrate rather than a full one that I have it set to do. Almost as if the vibration motor is dying a slow death. Anyone else having this happen or hear of this happening with others? Yes I check my app settings as well as the main settings to be certain I am on vibrate, and I still have this issue each morning. It seems to snap out of it by late morning close to lunch time. Maybe it needs coffee in order to fully get itself functioning. Very weird. Am I missing something here perhaps? Any help is most appreciated!
    07-25-2012 10:51 AM