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    It was sad to hear that the Samsung Galaxy S3 was not the performer in the internet area.

    As a matter of fact - it was also reported that there was a brightness issue...

    But I had to get this phone as it's overall features intrigued me.

    I am a razr owner as well - just kept swapping out the sim between my razr and sg3, both have there finer attributes.

    Well, having done a speed test with both - and despite reports that the razr had internet speeds twice as fast, I beg to differ as my first test of the SG3 revealed they are about equal...

    But hold on, there is a secret to the SG3 and I found a flash path (2 flash upgrades) that guarantee 30% faster internet than the razr. I was stunned.

    1. You have to have a Verizon SG3 i535.

    2. Then you must grab a few downloads
    a. The odin3 v1.85.exe - allowing you to perform flashes
    b. Find a resource that allows you to download the stock.vzw_root66.tar file - this is a stock sg3 image for verizon i535. You may also want to pickup the image HOME_I535VRALF2_I535VZWALF2_618049_REV09_user_low_ship.tar.md5 - this is the OEM out of the box image for this phone - just as backup.
    c. Then you want to pickup the SynergyROM_d2vzw_v1.2.zip file as your final flash.

    Note: a few things you need to know before you hunt for these files.
    i. I am making you hunt around the net as the links / resources change so fast but I am confident a nice search will find the files fast
    ii. The SG3 is totally made for flashing - it appears unlocked and the whole phone is geared to be messed with. The startup screen shows an "unlocked" lock icon on the screen if anything other than the stock image is flashed to the phone
    iii. The final flash takes away (or hides) the voicemail application (SynergyROM_d2vzw_v1.2.zip) and I do not know why - maybe the creator has not had success building it into the image - or making sure it remains on the phone. I cannot seem to install it again (I tried). So, if you have visual voicemail and do not want to lose it, you can opt to not install the last flash (SynergyROM_d2vzw_v1.2.zip) but you will not get faster internet and all the other goodies that the final flash has to offer - and these goodies are so worth it. I am opting to dial in for my voicemail at the moment.

    3. Carefully follow the flash instructions from the internet reosurces where you find the above downloads and you will be amazed by the new features of the SG3.
    Note: One more thing, the first flash has to be done by the odin tool and the second flash (SynergyROM_d2vzw_v1.2.zip) has to be copied to the sdcard and flashed via recovery - but I come to find out the stoch recovery tool in the SG3 does not like the zip file. You will have to download and install clockworkmod (what I did), flash it's recovery tool (the SG3 is listed) and install the zip from it. Personally, as cool as the clockworkmod is suppose to be - according to others - I find that it never worked as a backup restore utility (nanadroid) for me. and have since given up on it. However, the install from flash in the CWM does install the SynergyROM_d2vzw_v1.2.zip file.

    MiniReview: razr vs sg3

    There are good and bad sides to both phones. I like the sg3 for many reasons, as it has 4 - 5 times the featureset than the maxx - an insane amount, yet the sg3 is just no good as a car / mobile - on-the-raod device. The maxx (as well as many other motorola phones) have a true car dock and the maxx's speakerphone system is totally designed for in-car use. I would like to see the next maxx contian the featureset of the SG3 (or most) and it'd be the best of both worlds.

    where the maxx has it hand-over-fist regarding fast internet (out of the box) I have been having all sorts of trouble with it in the last two months with severe voice perfomance issues and complete inoperability in that arena... I am on my 3rd razr and cannot keep it stable.

    Yet the Sg3 stands up - can make calls, and after flashing using the upgrade path described above, I get the following - in addition to faster internet:

    a. Rooted Phone
    b. WIFI toggle is re-introduced - Samsung (for verizon) took out the toggle - the last flash (SynergyROM_d2vzw_v1.2.zip) puts it back
    c. It gets the sony bravia video engine
    d. Secondary hotspot app for people who do not get the hotspot as part of their package.
    e. higher overall performance out of the phone - as if 1.5ghz was not fast enough, its even faster.

    And a whole lot more...

    If anyone knows how to get the visual voice mail back please let me and others know...

    by the way, before the last flash is done (SynergyROM_d2vzw_v1.2.zip), I was getting 27.nn meg down, after the flash I was getting 37 meg down - that is nuts.

    My razr (and another one is being shiped to me monday - thanks verizon) can achieve a 42meg download near my house (a specific tower), I am expecting the SG3 to get 48+ down.

    I will update (somehow) with screen shots of a speed test - a shoot out - beween the two phones in an upcoming post.

    and so it goes...
    07-29-2012 05:53 AM
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    Hmmmm. Sounds interesting. Keep us updated!
    07-29-2012 10:03 AM
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    Mine is quite the opposite...faster 4G than 3G...happy so far...

    the brightness is also fine for me in all aspects expect it does wash out in the sun...gonna try a different screen protector made for that...

    good luck with you endeavors!
    07-29-2012 11:57 AM
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    Mine is quite the opposite...faster 4G than 3G
    Opposite? Where does the OP say that 3G is faster than his 4G? 4G s much faster than 3G for anyone that has a 4G phone with 4G coverage, so that's to be expected.
    09-13-2012 03:21 AM
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    Interesting test thanks for sharing. I just changed from the RAZR. Definitely some signal issues both good and bad between the 2.

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    09-13-2012 08:23 AM
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    This is an older post and created before the bootloader was officially unlocked. Many ROMs now require an unlocked bootloader to be installed properly.

    Please be sure to do your research before installing ROMs and make sure that you have all prerequisites met and that the ROM you are installing is right for you before jumping into anything.

    My advice is to check the stickies in the Rooting, ROMs, and Hacks subforum for instructions on how to root your device and unlock bootloader...then get familiar with using CWM to install ROMs and more importantly make backups.
    09-13-2012 08:49 AM