1. erikab316's Avatar
    I've love my Galaxy S3, but am becoming annoyed that all of my text messages are being duplicated into my email. I am using the stock messaging and stock email programs. The email program is synced to my work exchange server. I have looked at settings while in both the messaging and email applications but can't find anything that disables this automatic feed into email. This was never an issue for me with my prior phone (original Dinc), linked to the same email account. Has anyone else had this problem or can tell me how to fix it?
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    08-05-2012 07:07 PM
  2. Waipio11's Avatar
    Email > Settings> Server Settings > Uncheck SYNC SMS.
    08-05-2012 07:20 PM
  3. erikab316's Avatar
    Awesome. Turns out I wasn't scrolling down in the menu to find the settings... Thanks again.
    08-05-2012 08:46 PM
  4. achiappanza's Avatar
    Solved this for me too, thanks.
    12-05-2012 12:30 PM
  5. Michael Opira's Avatar
    I have tried the same but the does not allowme to uncheck sms sync
    What should I do to overcome this?
    12-11-2012 01:56 PM
  6. CJJCoetser's Avatar
    Hi Micheal,

    I know I am very late to reply, but hopefully I can help some other user.

    I had the same problem, it did not allow me to change the SMS Sync setting.

    I was connected to my company's Wi-Fi and I could not do any changes on the Exchange Account. I disabled the Wi-Fi and tried to de-activate it, and this time it worked.
    04-18-2013 06:18 AM
  7. Jahanxeb's Avatar
    I have tried the same but the does not allow me to unchecked SMS sync
    What should I do to overcome this? i have Samsung Glaxy S Advance
    05-23-2013 04:05 AM
  8. urockiroll's Avatar
    I was having the same issue; however after disabling the wi-fi on my phone (which was connected to my work at the time of disabling), I went back and unchecked the SMS SYNC box and I was pleased to see that it worked! .
    06-04-2013 11:11 AM
  9. Dan Roberts1's Avatar
    Worked for me, thanx.
    06-24-2013 08:45 PM
  10. Milind Killedar's Avatar
    I donot have server settings in setting option.
    please help
    07-01-2013 01:05 PM
  11. Kuizzie's Avatar
    Hey there.

    I have the same problem since yesterday. I do not have any Server Settings as well. My device is a S4.
    Please, could anyone help me?
    07-02-2013 09:28 AM
  12. Kuizzie's Avatar
    Okay, I got it!

    Go to Mail -> Settings -> choose your e mail account -> More settings -> Sync SMS

    Yesterday, I added another e mail account. So problem solved :-)
    07-02-2013 10:03 AM
  13. Sumit Kakkar's Avatar
    Thanks alot....
    11-29-2013 01:33 AM
  14. myrealtygal's Avatar
    Oh! You are the BEST! The missing piece of previous instructions for me was "choose your email account". I didn't know that clicking it would give me MORE options! Fixed and happy! Thank you!
    07-27-2016 08:01 AM