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    The Galaxy S3 is a great phone, probably one of the best I've ever put in my hands.

    Completely mod-able, virtually unbrickable, yet I find a few drawbacks.

    The drawbacks are that I compared to the Razr Maxx - own that too - switching sim card between phones.

    Yet they may not be drawbacks. I'll explain.

    I am so familiar and comfortable with Motorola / Android phones - especially the mobility features - cardock, audio interface for car, speakerphone that is made for in-car use, moto cast, that it almost ruined the experience with the GS3 - almost.

    No, I do not own a GS3 anymore. I purchased one full retail, to kick the tires on it for a week or so. Financially it was not viable to keep the unit, yet I must say, with the exception of the lack of mobility [in-car] features, it still stands to be the best phone I've ever used - to date.

    Now, fairly, the in-car features are important to me - and that was a big deal in my decision to return it, but for all purposes that could have been solved by investing in blue-tooth. However, I did not want to go that route with the GS3.

    The Razr [or any motorola model from the atrix forward] becomes a different device when cradled into the car dock. It positions itself to be a GPS and multimedia unit first, phone second. That is it's greatest attribute...

    Performace and Feature wise - the GS3 wins overall. After flashing the synergy rom [although hated to lose visual voicemail app - yet loved the gain of the native call recorder feature] it made the GS3 more pleasurable to work with.

    The GPS section of the GS3 kicks the crap out ofg the Razr*. The base audio software of the GS3 kicks the crap out of the Razrs audio software, and for the fact that the GS3 has so many features hand-over-fist compared to the Razr - it makes it a much more pleasurable phone to deal with - customizing it to your needs. And to boot, the GS3 is so much faster than the Razr - but that is to be expected. I use to think that 200 - 300 Mhz would not make a difference in a phone, but it makes all the difference...

    * The Razr was the second phone - in motorola's line to harbor sGPS (syncronous GPS), and signal acquisition was hands down the fastest over any phone I've ever seen, yet with the ICS upgrade, even with a cleared cache / dalvik, it drastically changed, moving from a 6 second acquisition to well over a minute - and lower signal in most cases - horrible. However, I will go to say that a mfr-factory ICS install on the Razr seems to be way way better, and the GPS acts like it did - fast aquisition, stronger signals etc.

    Battery-wise, I do not think anyone can argue with 3300 mAh in the razr, but using the GS3 and baby-sitting the battery a bit was not that bad - it would be expected for a phone of that caliber [as it would any phone with a small battery]. It did not add any dissapointment to the experience - IMO...

    So, do not let any comments regarding mobility affect your decision in buying a GS3 - unless you find that in-car feature as important as I do. The kit to me makes the all difference - and how the Razr phone metamorphs into a different unit.

    The next Razr phone [HD] is rumoured to have NFC, same processor / speed as the GS3, a larger screen, better graphics etc, and it is a move I will probably make - as the larger screen is so much a desireable attribute. And I suspect it will have the same car-kit features which will nail it down for me better - decisionwise. But if any of that changes, I would be so tempted to rebuy the GS3 and get a blue tooth headset and deal with it.

    I am on my 5th razr, as I have bricked 4 of them, and could not seem to brick the GS3 - not that I wanted to of course, but it was SO MUCH EASIER modding the GS3 - and the abillity to restore it to complete stock - for return purposes, that verizon did not care that I had altered the OS as long as the phone was returned in original state...

    The 4 brickings were attempts to mod beyond simple rooting and adjusting some db settings - my fault of course as I do not know what I'm doing in an android world - but I must say that modding a GS3 is so simple - I like the fact that Samsung makes modding a feature almost - in the sense that they do not lock bootloaders as opposed to Motorola. If Motorola followed samsung's footsteps the razr [and alike] would not suffer that many bricks and returns from guys like me, I think they'd get more sales...

    and so it goes...

    Anyone care to comment...
    08-07-2012 04:37 PM
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    Great review, and comparison between the two phones.

    The difference in performance is more than just 200-300mhz, its a completely new generation of processors that is much more powerful and efficient to boot. The bootloader is also locked on the verizon version. People have rooted and flashed roms, but I don't think they can flash kernels yet.
    08-07-2012 05:41 PM
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    thanks for the info - it is helpful to know. Yeah, I am familiar with different architectures - but in the area of phones not so much. Like in pentium or newer pc processors there is a deep difference across the architectures even though speeds are similar.
    08-07-2012 06:22 PM
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    It's ppl like you, who brick 4 or 5 phones, and keep returning them for new ones that make Verizon insist on locked and encrypted bootloaders.
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    08-07-2012 06:28 PM
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    i wont dignify that with a response...
    08-07-2012 06:36 PM
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    Maybe I will dignify that with a response... afterall...

    So, you think that verizon locks bootloaders or instructs the mfr to do so. I beg to differ.

    as we would see the same type of behavior out of samsung that we do motorola - if the carrier was in control... so I find your statement completely ignorant with an attempt to persnally bash the author - me... You can flash, reflash, and reflash a samsung - phone is built for it - right out of the box as it sold by verizon... without bricking it...

    I'm simply stating that motorola should open up the phone to do the same. Better yet, or furthermore, I will state that you also cannot brick an apple iphone - I had some pretty hairy configs and all it took was an itune hookup and download / firmware update and back in business...

    please do not glorify this conversation with "then go get an iphone.." or something to that effect...

    It use to be that wiping a phone, or setting the phone back to a factory / stock image was not only built in, but a true, true reset - it is anywhere but the truth for any phone running a linux based core [iphone or android] - which is a complete shame come to tell you...

    Phones should be like pcs - where you have the option to completely wipe and restore completely fresh copy of an OS...

    I blame that one on google - who totally had the choice to build in a complete flashable restore - just like windows phones used to be like [unsure if they are that way today...]

    however, google is better than that - they should have done the same or followed in apples footsteps...

    Though many in the community choose to modify (root) their devices to run a modified OS / featureset, I choose to modify a phone so that I can render it useless as a marketing tool for a carrier like verizon... I like a lot of the software in an android OS, much more than an apple, yet it should remain in my power to disable a phone's ability to act as a platform to sell me more services - and moreso, the ability for a phone to act as a tool by GOOGLE or VERIZON to collect personal information such as where I browse, what I buy, or where I go.

    It was extreemly difficult thing to do on a razr phone - as much as I like that device, yet so easy to do on samsung galaxy S3, as much as I could not find a practical reason to keep it...

    I like to tinker, grant you that, and maybe there could be some truth to the fact that some rules are set because of guys like myself, yet, again, I ask why the samsung phone is so free to work with - to modify, and the razr is not - leads me to believe that it is a mfr thing, not a carrier thing...

    Lastly, and to my point, they should allow for people to mod phones, it would not take too much for an mfr to do - samsung is almost there. They can make a phone unbrickable if they want. They would lessen the chance that ANYONE could brick a phone - thus saving tons of money.

    It would also prevent people like yourself from making rediculous comments in forums like these...
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    08-07-2012 07:21 PM
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    I own both phones and the Maxx has better radios and of course insanely longer battery life but the display on the Maxx isn't the best especially when compared to the 720p that has become the standard for flagship devices. As far as fluidity and speed the GS3 kills the Maxx but 2gbs of ram and a the latest gen of snapdragon processors spell it out for you right there. Unfortunately I'm sending my GS3 to Samsung so they can trouble fix a few bugs with the phone but I'll be awaiting the return of my GS3 with everyday that passes. The razr maxx is a great phone to own as a backup but I like the design and internals of Samsung over Moto any day especially after seeing the leaked photos of the Razr HD. Boy is that phone fugly.
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    08-07-2012 07:40 PM
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    Maybe I will dignify that with a response... afterall...
    You shouldn't have bothered.

    He's right, despite your view of what should and shouldn't be allowed. If you return a phone that you have broken because you did something you knew was against the terms of the contract you signed, you're hosing it up for the rest of us. I do like how you justify returning a bricked phone with the idea that they deserve it for making it so hard for you (a self proclaimed ignoramus on the subject) to do something you stated you wouldn't do.

    So glad my monthly bill and phone purchase can help offset your childish fumbling into territory you admit you know little about.

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    08-07-2012 11:31 PM
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    Well put suntan.

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    08-07-2012 11:42 PM
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    I did not justify anything.

    I simply stated that I bricked 4 phones. How can anyone come to the conclusion that verizon sets policies based on that - or that it causes you greater grief. Nor, did I mention what verizon did about those phones - or how it was mitigated.

    My thread stated the differences between two phones, and my experience with the make up of those phones. The samsung was returned exactly the way I purchased it, less a few minutes used on that device, with a restocking fee - as I accepted those terms upon purchase - and verizon knew I would be returning that phone from the start.

    If verizon really had a problem with the return of those units I am more than positive they would have denied the first one, They were more than happy to replace the units.

    Whoever is slamming me over this get over it. I am not claiming it is their fault or holding them responsible for my tinkering. I am clearly stating that a phone maker should make phones more bullet proof. Apple does it, samsung does it, Htc does it, why not Motorola - what does that have to do with verizon - and for that matter, there is no evidence what so ever that prices rise / fall based on what a few people do to their phones.

    The fact that units get returned does not impact your rates what so ever - fact...

    Besides, any of those units are not physically damaged - they are unable to start up / operate due to a software issue. Those units will be re-firmwared and put on the refurbished lot... saving a subscriber money...

    And do not talk to me about terms. EVERY carrier is purely poised to make money hand over fist above an beyond any contract signing, with ala-carte services and fees, while using your device as a means to market to you - moreso by collecting usage data / statistics only serving them - every chance they can.

    I hold and reserve the right, to modify a phone - disabling it's ability to collect data about my usage, whereabouts, or purchases. The carrier makes the phone unadministratable to prevent users from removing the built-in marketware or hack some phone based feature the carrier claims is a service they provide - e.g. tethering - which is by the way a physical feature / function of the phone not a service that a carrier provides.

    And, if I want to make the phone faster, increase internet speeds, not report usage data, not reveal what I am doing, and apply any other tweak that allows a greater experience or ensures my privacy - I think I have the right to do so. And will...

    So, put a sock on it...
    08-08-2012 02:06 AM
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    This thread stinks.

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    08-08-2012 02:51 AM
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    You have the 'right' to choose whatever you want to do...
    But Verizon has the 'right' to do what they want to do as well.
    Thinking that your actions do not affect others is niave. And I have the 'right' to say that without putting a sock in it as much as you do sans the sock.
    08-08-2012 07:38 AM
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    You have the 'right' to choose whatever you want to do...
    But Verizon has the 'right' to do what they want to do as well.
    Thinking that your actions do not affect others is niave. And I have the 'right' to say that without putting a sock in it as much as you do sans the sock.

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    08-08-2012 10:00 AM
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    08-08-2012 10:01 AM
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    This is why I sent my GS3 to Samsung for repairs instead of the possibility of getting a refurb from Verizon. Verizon claims to do a 100 point check on every certified pre-owned device but after going through 5 Gnex's and a razr maxx they all had their own issues. I'm upset that I'll be without my GS3 for a little less then 2 weeks but at least Samsung will be fixing my phone and any issues that aren't going to be addressed in an ota will be fixed by the company who made my phone. I'm glad that I have my Razr Maxx as a backup.
    08-08-2012 02:37 PM
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    Try to give people some help and you get bashed for how you went about doing it! Geez!

    Thanks for the comparisons! I am looking at switching to one of these phones.
    11-07-2012 11:32 AM
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    I just bought an S3 to take over for my Razr Maxx, so I find the comparison useful. I am not going to try to mess with it as much as the OP did, but I am sure I will put a different launcher on it. And I do agree that the car and bedside cradles for the Razr are somewhere near awesome. Overpriced but awesome.

    As for the rest of the discussion - eh. I doubt that the small number of people mucking up their phones by rooting and bricking them has a lot of effect on Motos and Verizons policies - certainly no real effect on their bottom line. They could save more money by changing paperclip vendors than if they eliminated rooting altogether. I am pretty sure they are doing what they do to bump followon sales through controlling the crapware they preload, and the few bricked phones they deal with are lost in the noise.

    The S3 lands tomorrow. Can't wait!
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    11-08-2012 10:51 AM