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    Just Got my new GS3 32gb White a little over an hour or so ago. My update wasn't until 8/14/12 and I went to a nearby Verizon store I haven't been in yet, just to see if they had any more supplies than the Corporate store I was at last week. While there, the sales guy approached and when I said just looking, not due for an upgrade until next tuesday, he said hold on. He comes back from the computer and says I can upgrade today if I'd like. I was like, what?! He said yep, I'm eligible today. I wanted a 32gb blue, but they had none of the 32gb phones left. I didn't want a 16gb blue which they didn't have either. So armed with this new information I went to Best Buy to see what they said and sure enough the girl said it says on computer that I'm eligible.
    They didn't have any blue 32gb, but had 3 white ones in 32gb. I said I wanted to go to my Verizon store and see about some accessories first and then will come back. Neither place had many accessories and I have a couple on order from amazon anyways. I was looking for the IBolt car mount and when at the Corporate store I usually go, they didn't have that. I explained to the guy that I was just at a Verizon Store (not a corporate one) and Best Buy and they both said I was eligible for an upgrade, even though I know I'm not supposed to be until next tuesday. The manager comes and says sorry, our system will not let us do that. I said then how can they do it at other two places, he said, at the discounted two year price? He asked if the other Verizon store was a corporate store also, which I said no. They are both authorized dealers of Verizon phones though, so why should it make a difference if corporate or not? I didn't want any problems and went back to Best Buy and asked the girl if it was discounted price and they said yes, and showed me on computer that I'm eligible, so they can sell me one. I said what the heck and decided to get the white 32gb. I even called VZ customer support to make sure it was alright, had her talk to the girl about my $30 dollar new every two credit I had coming to take off price of phone, and she said hey, if you can get it early, go for it! So now the happy owner of the galaxy s3 and charging it now, just checking the verizon site to figure out how to do some things on it, before I start setting it all up. The girl at verizon got my contacts on with the sd card from my droid X which is still in the GS3. Hoping no problems with that. Anyways, just wanted to share. I've heard of people getting upgrades early, just never thought I'd be one of them. It's only a week, but I'll take it gladly. I'm also trying out the best buy insurance this time, I will have to see how that goes.
    08-07-2012 11:13 PM
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    Congrats! Hope you enjoy the phone !
    08-07-2012 11:30 PM
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    Did you lose your unlimited data?
    08-07-2012 11:31 PM
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    Yes, but I would have lost it anyways when I upgraded next week. I can't afford to pay full price for a phone. I'm a very limited data user anyways. I will have to see now with this new phone and it being my first 4g phone. I usually averaged about 500mb a month with my droid X. So I really don't think I'll miss the unlimited data. I'm starting with the 2gb, just in case and can always go down to 1gb if I have to. I'm paying about the same price with the new verizon plans now that I was before the upgrade, so just a few dollars more for the Best buy insurance.
    08-07-2012 11:36 PM
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    Hey Andy! Glad to hear you got your S3 early. Told you Best Buy was better Enjoy the phone!!
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    08-08-2012 12:59 PM