1. dgarren23's Avatar
    On my Galaxy S3 my phone is showing that have have two emails. (on the envelope icon) And i don't have any new emails. It also seems like I have to hit the refresh button to recieve my new emails which just started recently. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to solve this problem? The phantom 2 email indicator is driving me crazy.
    08-14-2012 02:39 PM
  2. Wytnite's Avatar
    You might want to scroll all the way to the bottom of your Emails. Occassionally I get Emails that display a received date of 12/31/1969.

    Just a thought.
    08-14-2012 02:53 PM
  3. dgarren23's Avatar
    Thanks. I tried that multiple times with no success.
    08-14-2012 02:59 PM
  4. BBSeattle's Avatar
    I had an email that kept showing up even after I had deleted it.
    I finally deleted the email account and then set it back up again.
    That did the trick.
    08-14-2012 03:46 PM
  5. Topgonzo's Avatar
    I believe there is a problem with Gmail if that is what you are using. I get the notification but if I click on my Gmail there are no new emails. If I select from the notification bar at the top and click it then the new emails show up. It only randomly does this. Is this similar to your probkem?

    Sent from my EVO 4G LTE
    08-14-2012 04:29 PM
  6. dgarren23's Avatar
    Thanks. Thats what I ended up doing and it seems to be ok for now. I appreciate the suggestion.
    08-15-2012 08:11 AM
  7. dgarren23's Avatar
    It wasn't actually my Gmail. It seems to be working fine. It was my hotmail. I deleted the account and stsrted over. It seems to be ok for now. My Incredible 2 used to do it on occasion but the next time i got email it would fix itself. Anyways, Thanks!
    08-15-2012 08:12 AM