1. mmontel's Avatar
    This just started today. I cannot play any video from facebook or twitter. It plays audio only no picture. If I recorded a video it plays back with both. I have no problem with videos directly from youtube. I have tried several videos from both facebook and twitter with the same results, only audio plays without any picture. Any ideas what happened or how to fix?
    09-04-2012 02:05 PM
  2. Effenhimer's Avatar
    Depends on if it is trying to use a browser window or not. Since Flash is no longer supported, it's wonky on ICS. If I use dolphin Browser, sometimes it works no problem, until I try to move the video forward... But Chrome browser on my phone won't use it at all, and those are the only two browsers I use...
    09-04-2012 02:29 PM
  3. mmontel's Avatar
    I know the one in facebook was inbedded. Does that use flash? (Yes I am somewhat techinically challenged when it comes to understanding how all this stuff works). I even had a little pop up on the black screen when I started the video that said playing audio only.
    09-04-2012 03:17 PM