1. xxtdxx's Avatar
    There is a local guy selling his NIB S3 that he says he received at work from a sales competition. He says it still has the plastic on the box. He gave me the IMEI/ESN # that Verizon's website says is a good # and can be activated. The price is still being worked out but I'm wondering if there have been and rumors/reports/anything of counterfeit phones and if anybody has any recommendations to make sure I don't get screwed in the deal if I end up going through with it.
    09-27-2012 01:43 PM
  2. leroybrute's Avatar
    If it was counterfeit I'm sure VZW would be able to find out. They would have told you the IMEI was invalid. Just make sure the you use the IMEI that is in settings/about phone and not the one on the box.
    09-27-2012 03:49 PM
  3. tech_head's Avatar
    Make the deal at a Verizon store and open the box in the store.
    If he won't agree to that, walk.
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    09-27-2012 05:01 PM
  4. HalizDad's Avatar
    The phone already comes from Korea, who were the master of counterfeiting in the 80's. The Chinese have that market now, but they're too busy making iPhones. Regardless, have this person meet you at a BB or VZW store, as mentioned above.
    09-27-2012 05:30 PM

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