1. Staypuft's Avatar
    I like my S3 plenty but I work in a building with poor Verizon signal, which means my phone tears though battery just trying to get signal. I have heard many people swear that Motorola phones get better service than other manufacturers in comparable situations.

    What I would like to know is this, does anyone have a good comparison of the S3 vs. Razr HD batteries in poor coverage areas?

    Does anyone think that I may be better off with the Razr in this situation?

    I am sure that I would be happy with either phone really which is what I am struggling with.
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    11-08-2012 07:16 PM
  2. junkie88's Avatar
    I had the S3 for a little over 1 week. In my office the S3 was always switching from 3G to LTE. I never lost signal but it switched a lot. I noticed one side of my desk was 3G the other was LTE. The battery life was horrible on my S3, not sur if that was the drain or not. Looking at the battery settings, cell standby was the number one killer.

    My work phone is the razor m. It is 4G all the time never switches to 3G. The battery on this last up to three days depending on usage. The razor m phone has my corporate email as well and it dings non stop. I switched to the iPhone 5 when I returned the S3 and that also stays locked into LTE. No battery issues with that either.

    Im returning my IPhone 5 tomorrow as well but not sure what Im getting. I care what my phone looks like, which is why Im not a fan of cases, so the razor HD and MAXX HD are out of the question for me. I know they work great but I dont care for the look and feel of the phone.
    11-08-2012 10:50 PM
  3. Staypuft's Avatar
    I keep the phone on power save, I turn everything off short of airplane mode and I still get less than impressive battery life. Cell standby is the number one juice hog by a mile.

    Anyone else have any experience to share ?
    11-09-2012 01:50 AM
  4. TimV28's Avatar
    I don't know specific numbers but I know that I take my phone off at 7:45, use it at work to text and check mail. I will browse net and forums off and on. By the time I hit bed between 1 and 3 am, it will still be no less than 20 percent.

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    11-09-2012 01:58 AM
  5. randomdude's Avatar
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    not sure how good the razr hd's battery is...but this thing is a beast.
    11-09-2012 11:17 AM
  6. DriveEuro's Avatar
    Being that I had a MAXX for 3 months... and have had an S3 now for about 2... I can say with confidence that the MAXX had a much better radio.

    Situations where the MAXX exceeded the S3...
    Getting into an elevator at work and going up 3 flights without dropping signal. The S3 drops signal in nearly every elevator in my building and doesn't regain until the doors open back up.
    Working in the basement at work my S3 goes in and out of service. My MAXX never lost signal in basement.
    MAXX held onto 4G signal better. Maybe this is the radio... but it would maintain a 4G signal more consistently at my work than my S3 does.

    But despite all this, I prefer my S3. The bigger, higher res screen. Unlockable boot loader. Better dev support. I miss the never worry EVER battery life of my MAXX and the radio quality... but I just am more satisfied with the asthetics and support for the S3.
    11-09-2012 02:07 PM
  7. Staypuft's Avatar
    Thanks DriveEuro, that was helpful. I agree this S3 is a pleasing device but I am considering the battery might be a deciding factor.
    11-09-2012 06:57 PM
  8. Staypuft's Avatar
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    not sure how good the razr hd's battery is...but this thing is a beast.
    That link is bad, what were you trying to attach?
    11-09-2012 06:59 PM

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