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    I love my S3, but I've as of late, (since its release) I've been eyeballing the HTC Droid DNA. Yeah I know its limitations, the non-removable slightly smaller mAh battery, only 16GB of storage... but I think it is a very nice looking phone. So yesterday, I couldn't help myself... So here's my first thoughts after spending the evening playing around with it.

    Positives -
    - The build quality is phenomenal, very solid and sleek design. It feels really nice in the hand.
    - The software is also pretty awesome, sense is impressive, JB is very smooth thanks to "butter", the phone is extremely responsive (of course it helps to have a quad-core processor under the hood)
    - Signal/ data quality is great, I haven't had a single mishap, dropped call, data drop, etc...
    - The battery, though slightly smaller than that of my S3 seems to hold out well, (though the true life of the battery is YTBD), even under pretty heavy use. Also the phone's non-removable back is already setup for inductive charging.
    - Syncing my music, photos, etc.... is a breeze, even for a Mac user. I plugged the data cable in to the phone and it launched Safari where it took me to HTC's version of iTunes to download. I've used Kies for my S3 and love it, the HTC Sync Manager app is nice. I had no problems syncing my junk to the phone. (Although I had to be a bit more careful of what I sent because of the whole storage deal... more on that later)
    - The screen is awesome! Much better than my iPhone 4S I use for work.

    Negatives -
    - Non-Removable battery, I'm still leery of this.
    - No expandable storage, this my be the deal breaker for me. (I think VZW is pushing for cloud use, which is weird cause they've now limited your data)
    - The cheesy charging port cover... Think if the old flip phones and digging the stupid cover open every night to charge it.
    - The HTC Sync Manager app while nice is not quite as usable as Kies. What I mean is, with Kies you can actually click to view your internal/ external storage. (File structure, etc... so you can drag and drop files directly where you want them) Not with the HTC Sync Manager, it's very straight forward in the regards of allowing you to send stuff to you phone, you just have to let it choose where to send it.

    Overall thoughts -

    This phone is very solid, the screen, the feel of the phone and for the price you can't go wrong. The speed and smoothness of the UI is also wonderful, I haven't noticed any stuttering or sluggishness. The software also includes an optimizer, so if for any reason the UI becomes slow, etc... you can correct that with press of a "button". If this was your first foray into smartphones and storage wasn't a huge concern for you, this would be a very solid choice. Ultimately, I still think my S3 is awesome, hell I sold my ole' standby iPhone 4 for it. The following week will be a good test for the DNA. I'll mull it over and if worse comes to worse, I'll return it.
    12-02-2012 07:15 AM
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    Damn you lol. I wish I had money

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    12-02-2012 09:03 AM
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    The best phone you will ever own is the one you have no and the one you want tomorrow!

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    12-02-2012 12:17 PM

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