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    Hey Android Central folks.

    I was just wondering if anyone has bought a Verizon GS3 from Radioshack on their online website? Yes I know Radioshack I could I, but they are having a great deal atm. Anyway, I want to ask folks here to see if anyone have person experience about it.

    I'm confused as when it comes to pick a plan I don't have unlimited texting, only 1000 messages. So I'm wondering if I'll be downgraded from my unlimited plan, can't keep as I can't afford a full price phone, if it will automatically be unlimited text and talk along with the 2GB plan, despite what the site says.

    Thank you for reading this even if you can't help, hope to be part of this community soon!
    12-09-2012 08:45 PM
  2. The SuperUser's Avatar
    Okay, I'll try to help you as much as possible, buying the phone online is completely safe, a friend of mine did that and his phone functions perfectly..so that's no problem,

    Now I can't really tell you what will happen to your plan, if in the realm of all things possible and you have a workable phone, save up, please just save up, my SGS3 BLOWS through data. Granted, I didn't have the unlimited opportunity, but none the less, if you have if you have the chance do it. I understand some people have circumstances. I can only think that it would give you Unlimited Text&Talk and the 2gb data, it should ask you when you buy it...I hope this helps some!!

    And...Welcome Home (;
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    12-09-2012 09:24 PM
  3. Kami3k's Avatar
    Wish I could save up to keep my unlimited data plan still. But my current DROID 2 is having a lot of issues. Power button getting stuck despite alcohol trick, and I have the need to turn on speaker to hear and talk to people in calls.

    The problem I see is when I go to pick the plan on Radioshack's site after selecting a black GS3. It lists 1000 messages in a 10 dollar packs for texting. Which is absurd as last I checked their plans stopped being that way in July.

    Thanks though, would love to keep unlimited data if I could.
    12-10-2012 01:46 AM
  4. Brainfart's Avatar
    You won't be able to keep your data if you pay the upgrade price. But if you can't get the plan you want when you order the phone just call or stop by a Verizon store after you get the phone and they will get you into a plan you can live with. As far as data I have 3 smart phones on my plan (Droid 4 and 2 GS3's) on the 6gig plan and we barely crack over 2gigs. Now we do watch our data usage and connect to Wifi every chance we get and only update apps in wifi. Also streaming music and video is your largest data eaters and that is used on a minimum while on 4G or 3g. As far as this phone using allot more data than previous phones I have had is not correct. I had the Thunderbolt before my GS3 and they used about the same amount of data. Just remember to be smart on sync settings and you should be fine.

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    12-10-2012 10:28 AM

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