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    I have a different WiFi issue that I have not seen in any other post. Verizon or Samsung have no idea how to fix. My phone's WiFi worked fine in the US until I took it to Jamaica. It would not find networks there. I also had a Samsung Tab 2 that picked up WiFi great, but my GS3 would just scan. After returning to the US, now it will only detect a few WiFi connections. It will connect at my home, buy just scans most everywhere else.

    Verizon decided to replace my device. Same thing happened. Worked fine, took it to Amsterdam, only scanned all over Amsterdam. Now back in the US, only finds a few WiFi connections.

    This is VERY aggravating! I travel a lot and need WiFi overseas. Any ideas?????

    Things I have tried: Hard reset, new device, turning wifi off and on, *#0011# and turning wifi off.
    12-10-2012 10:44 AM

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