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    Long story short. I am in the UK with my USA phone for vacation. I cant get it to recognise UK Data network despite paying for the plan to do so.
    Turns out I need JB update to get that feature for global data access.
    I am now in UK and have ICS on phone.
    I think the JB update is now available in US for the I-535.

    I tried using Kies but it tells me:.
    Your device's current firmware version is not supported to update via Kies

    My phone is rooted but is otherwise a stock phone.

    So how do I get this update? I cant do it OTA. I cant connect to Kies it seems to do it.
    I tried going into Settings and software update and there is a 37 MEg download which apparently
    takes the phone from LG1 to LG7 (I dont know what that means). I downloaded that over my wireless
    connection but the phone says i wont be able to make calls for 4 minutes and reboots. However it turns back
    on from the reboot in Clockwork mod and the install has failed. (That 37 megs seems too small for the JB update
    so i have no idea.)
    pdA:LG1 / pHONE:lg1 /csc:lg1 (vzw)

    So help THe long and the short of it is I am in the UK wishing to recognise UK networks but have a US phone.

    I am a bit of a novice with Android and would prefer not have to put a Mod on the phone, rooting was fine
    but would like to keep software official as possible.


    12-18-2012 11:50 AM

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