1. AspenQn's Avatar
    I filmed some video on my phone at a Christmas party that I want to send to a friend, but when I tried to email it, it says the 30 second file is too large. I have a hotmail/outlook and gmail accounts set up on the phone. is there a way to compress the file or is there some other trick?
    12-19-2012 01:04 PM
  2. dogboyr1's Avatar
    I've read in the past that you should set the resolution lower when recording video and then it is able to be sent. Not that it will help you now but might be something to keep in mind for future use
    12-19-2012 01:48 PM
  3. Ricky Babalu's Avatar
    1. You can upload it to Youtube.
    2. You can upload it to Dropbox, Sugarsync, or any other cloud storage, then send your friend a link.
    3. You can download to your PC and use "Yousendit" (free up to 100MB, sends a link via email).
    4. If you have an FTP, you can upload.
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    12-19-2012 02:09 PM
  4. Mellimel22's Avatar
    He is right. Youtube and drop box/Google+ is the easiest solution

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    12-19-2012 02:23 PM
  5. mojoman1234's Avatar
    I had a 900MB video file that I needed to transfer to my PC via USB. uploading to Google drive kept failing.
    12-19-2012 08:13 PM
  6. goin_nil's Avatar
    You can move it to the removable SD card. Put the SD card in your computer or transfer it via USB.
    12-19-2012 08:43 PM
  7. kjjb0204's Avatar
    Dropbox it then send them the link. It really can't be any easier.
    12-19-2012 09:20 PM

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