1. jwsandersjr's Avatar
    Our SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) system sends out reports in both PDF and XLS formats via email. Prior to upgrade to Jelly Bean, these attachments opened without a hitch. After upgrading the attachments do not open and appear to 'stall' on the open process. Oddly enough, if I forward this email to myself and then open the attachments, they open just fine - like they did before the upgrade.

    PDFs generated from other sources appear to open with no problem.

    Could the problem be related somehow to 'trusted senders' and if so where are the settings that control that?
    12-20-2012 01:32 PM
  2. Ricky Babalu's Avatar
    This happened to me as well, but under different circumstances. I did not like the native email program and decided to switch. When I switched the emails re-populated in the new email program, but any emails that had attachments had become corrupted. Any new emails that I would receive with attachments would open fine. I suspect that is what is happening here as well, the update corrupted the email attachment data. Unfortunately, I did not find a solution, the only thing that I was able to do is go to my PC and download the attachments I needed from there and transferred them to my SD card. I believe, but not sure, that if you were to delete the "data" from the email program and let it download from the server it might solve the problem (again not sure, just an educated guess).
    12-20-2012 01:58 PM

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