1. droidrider's Avatar
    If this GS3 is anywhere close to being trouble free as my old Fascinate was, I'm going to be one happy camper.
    That single core phone with a half gig of ram, ran anything from Eclair to JB without a hiccup. (ok, it wasn't lightning fast, but it did the job)
    Couldn't break it, nor brick it. I must have had at least 50 differents ROMs running on it the 2 years that I had it.
    I'm going to keep that phone as a backup in case anything happens to my S3.

    (Yea, I know it's just a phone but hey, I'm a sentimental guy)
    01-06-2013 07:32 AM
  2. hossman12's Avatar
    I've had absolutely ZERO problems with my S3. It is a delicate phone like most high end smartphones these days so I baby the crap outta it and it still doesn't have a scratch best phone I've ever owned by a mile.

    Sent from my MetroPCS GS3
    01-06-2013 07:45 AM

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