1. Michael Fitzpatrick's Avatar
    May have been asked before so I apologize in advance...When I connect my galaxy 3 to my pc via usb, the pc my phone doesn't get recognized....any ideas why and what I can do? I would like to root my phone...
    01-07-2013 09:20 PM
  2. blade22222's Avatar
    Did you install the drivers? If not you can get everything your looking to do here:


    Sent from my SCH-I535 using Android Central Forums
    01-07-2013 10:06 PM
  3. wedge40's Avatar
    Like the OP I haven't done a complete search to figure this problem out. YES I've down loaded the USB driver and still no luck. What I want to know is what the heck was Samsung thinking when they messed this up. The Phone should look like a simple memory device. Not something special. What morons!!!!!
    01-20-2013 05:48 PM
  4. dpham00's Avatar
    Try unplugging and rep lugging it in a few times. Mine usually takes 2-3 tries before it recognizes.
    01-20-2013 05:51 PM
  5. Trees's Avatar
    My phone defaults to Installer Mode for USB connections. May want to try changing it to MTP mode. As others have noted the drivers are needed.
    01-20-2013 08:48 PM
  6. wedge40's Avatar
    Ive changed it to MTP mode. Once I get it connected I can not do anything. Can't even find the extSD card
    01-21-2013 12:11 AM
  7. Trees's Avatar
    Sounds like a driver problem. May want to try Kies. If I recall correctly it has a connection/driver troubleshooting tool.
    01-21-2013 11:25 PM

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