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    Receving Signed Emails From Outlook 2013/Can Read Emails/Can't Reply Or verify Certificate

    I receive the emails fine and they have gold and yellow certificate icon.I can read them but the all have this large button in them that says verify certificate.
    then i click verify certificate and it gives error unable to verify certificate.
    I cannot Reply. When Replying it gives the error:error signing or encrypting email message cannot be sent.
    For some strange reason it's trying to sign and or encrypt emails when i reply to these emails and i don't have my certificate even copied/installed in the Galaxy S 3 yet. and the option to sign and encrypt are not checked in the phone either. Verizon doesn't have a Clue So far. They could not find any option in the phone to uncheck verify signed emails.I am using active sync on the phone with exchange server 2010. i have gone through the options and see where i can import my own certificate and where i can sign and encrypt emails. but i cannot find where to change the read settings to turn off verify?I certainly won't be signing and and encrypting emails from the Galaxy S 3 until i have fixed this reply/verify/cannot sign or encrypt problem. Well we installed the certificate and it installed fine SHA1 pfx file. But now when trying to sign emails it gives an error unable to sign emails and you cannot send emails. I am in touch with Samsung now and will update.I think there will be a new version of Email for EVERY Samsung Galaxy S3.

    01-16-2013 07:50 PM
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    +1 Same issue here. Would appreciate your updates as and when you have them.
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    01-31-2013 11:16 AM
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    Can you try this sequence of keys on your Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3??
    Samsung is trying to get us to dump the log so they can look at what the email app is doing.

    when we tap this on the keypad as if we were dialing it does nothing.
    The way to capture log.

    1. please reproduce the problem.
    2. Please go to phone dial and press *#9900#. (Please do after meeting this issue as soon as possible.)
    3. You can see the following screen
    please choose Run dumpstate/logcat . it is 3rd item

    4. After pressing Run dumpstate/logcat, it will take time to show completion message.
    after finishing it, please press Copy to sdcard(include CPRamdump). it is 7th item
    5. When you connect your device to your PC with USB, you can know cell phone has the log folder.
    6. The log has the debugging information. Please send Samsung whole log folder for investigation.

    Let me know what your S3 does attached is screenshot of what Samsung says it should do.
    Our S3 won't go to this screen after following above directions.
    Attached Thumbnails Receiving Signed Emails From Outlook 2013/Can Read Emails/Can't Reply Or verify Certificate-diagscreen.jpg  
    01-31-2013 01:09 PM

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