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    My phone will not stop crashing. It started last night when I was running Chrome and happened about 5 times after that. I finally got around to uninstalling Chrome, but it crashed twice after that. The phone will be working perfectly fine, no lag at all, then the screen will suddenly go black. Nothing works after that. No buttons do anything and the notification light doesn't come on when I plug the phone in. The only solution is to pull the battery. Also, right before uninstalling Chrome, I installed the later software update from Big Brother Verizon. (It's the update from early March, I had just been deferring it.) The update did nothing, and the phone actually crashed midway through the app optimization process. I'm really hoping to avoid a factory reset, but its looking like the only option at this point.
    04-08-2013 12:09 AM
  2. sweeds's Avatar
    Are you running a ROM?

    Can you restore a nandroid backup?

    My initial reaction is that if it crashed in the middle of a Verizon OTA update, the firmware could be glitched.

    I would look into flashing that same OTA manually.

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    04-08-2013 02:01 PM
  3. tlehmann's Avatar
    The crashing was occurring before the update, though. But crashing during it certainly didn't help. Right now I am considering rooting the phone to do a full backup with something like Titanium, then restoring the phone, rooting again, and putting all the data back on. If it's possible to un-root the phone after that then I probably will. Will this work, or will I have to end up losing all of my app data?

    Edit: Forgot to answer the forest question. I'm on the native ROM. I've never rooted the thing (too afraid about the warranty).
    04-08-2013 02:43 PM
  4. 3Classic's Avatar
    I performed a factory reset
    Did not upload all my previous apps, but restored my emails settings and files through Kies. After 1 hour it began to freeze again. I let it "unfreeze" for about 15mins and it is working fine now for the past 24hrs. I guess there's not much logic to it, but this process worked.
    04-09-2013 04:57 PM
  5. tlehmann's Avatar
    So even after a restore your phone continued to crash? My phone has crashed at least six times today sometimes in places where a battery pull isn't particularly convenient (though really it never is). I just booted into safe mode but it crashed about two minutes later. Since I've now determined that it's a system problem Titanium Backup should be an option since none of my Play Store apps are to my knowledge corrupted right?

    I'm not particularly excited about this whole process so I think I'll wait until the weekend when I have time.

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    04-09-2013 10:12 PM
  6. epidenimus's Avatar
    You are not providing a lot of information here. It reads to me like you may have several problems, the first and foremost may be caused by an application.

    Titanium Backup is a neat little tool, but I always advise against using it between different versions of Android. Especially if you are having problems, I would start with clean installs. Also, TB does not work well unless you are rooted.

    I should also add at this point that one of the many reasons to root, recovery, and ROM your phone is recourse. With stock all, your only real option if something unknown starts acting up is to do a complete reset, wiping all of your data. With custom measures in place, you could wipe the cache and dalvik or just restore to a backup from when you know it all worked.
    04-10-2013 11:56 AM
  7. tlehmann's Avatar
    Well, this has taken an interesting and unfortunate turn. I took my phone off of the charger this morning at around seven o'clock. I didn't turn it on until about 2:30. The phone crashed around ten minutes later. I did the usual battery pull, then booted the phone back up, and it remained operational for another half hour. Then, it crashed again. I pulled the battery and put it back in again, but it wouldn't start. That was an hour ago, and it still hasn't started. I've tried keeping the battery out of the phone for around ten minutes, then putting it back in, but with no luck. I haven't had the chance to plug it in yet to see if it is a dead battery, but it couldn't have gone from 100% to dead in less than an hour, could it? Checking the battery usage after rebooting the phone usually shows a massive power drop, though, which is interesting.

    EDIT: I think I've figured it out and, if correct, I shouldn't have to restore anything! After thinking about the battery drain for a while, I decided to try something. I plugged the phone into the wall with the battery in the phone. The charging light didn't come on and the phone wouldn't start. Then, I removed the battery and plugged the phone in. (Is that bad?) The charging light came on! I didn't try to start it because I didn't want to damage the phone by not having a battery in, just in case, but I assume it would have powered up just fine. I think I'll seek a replacement battery from Samsung, as the device is still under warranty. Anybody have experience with this? How long does it take to ship?

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    04-10-2013 04:15 PM
  8. Danny Bain's Avatar
    HI Folks

    I have the same problem. the S3 was working fine and its been a total nightmare over the last few days. Crashing all the time. Im really sick of it. It started with the random unmounting of the SD card then it seems to crash all the time. I thought it was an app or an update that was causing the crash. but even after a restore its the same issue. Google play was in the news after a virus was attached to some of the apps just last week... this could be the issue.... or it may be the OS version and the phone conflicting somewhere. Thankfully my S4 should arrive this week and i can send the S3 away for repair.

    Other than creating a new google account so that it does not in stall apps and do a systematic install and test waiting for the crash... i dont see what the other options are...

    Any ideas?
    04-23-2013 05:44 PM
  9. GSDer's Avatar
    If you're having problems with the SDCard unmounting (SanDisk by any chance?) you should just go ahead and remove it altogether, reboot the phone and then see if the crashing goes away.
    Edit: BTW, the apps that Google removed were mainly in Russian, and they contained malware rather than viruses.
    Also, you don't have to create a new Google account - when you go through the setup the first time, just skip the Google account setup. Once you finish the remainder of the phone setup, go in and put in your Google account information - this time around it won't automatically start installing everything under the sun.
    P.S. I wasn't aware that the S4 was available on Verizon.

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    04-24-2013 12:21 AM
  10. AliNasser's Avatar
    Yeh,, me too I had the same issue with my gs3 that you have.. it is crash about 2-3 times in day when I was working on apps or play video, or games sometimes was crashing even it was in my pocket !! The screen stop (freeze) and nothing work till I keep pressing the shut down bottom
    I did format it several times from the three bottoms but still the same issue
    Please help me..
    06-23-2013 04:05 PM
  11. SimpleParanoia's Avatar
    Hi guys. Was experiencing this problem earlier. It started when the shortcuts that I had on my home screen weren't being shown. I then decided to do a factory restore (kinda made me feel sad for a few minutes). After the restore I reinstalled all my apps and this was when my phone started to reboot on its own. Happened about once every 5 or so minutes. Read on another forum that the Facebook app might have something to do with it so I uninstalled it for now and my phone seems to be working okay. Will monitor it just in case. Oh and i'm a Samsung Galaxy S3 user. =)
    07-22-2013 07:58 PM
  12. its1110's Avatar
    I do NOT buy any Apps Are Causing Crash.
    It is an OS issue! Period!!
    OSes manage the Apps. If an App has a problem a _competent_ OS will NOT crash!
    Get with the program Google!
    07-23-2013 04:45 PM
  13. Jeremy Lopez's Avatar
    Hi there guys, so I will try and be very specific as I can to get best results of what actions to take. So two days ago out of nowhere my phone turned off, I didn't think anything of it until I couldn't turn back on, so I took out the battery and put it back in, after I powered back on, I figured it must have turned off because of me somehow, until it happened again, soon after I was getting annoyed. I then quickly saved all the stuff I could on my PC and decided to system restore to factory settings.

    Once it restored back I messed around with it for a bit and all seemed normal, I then re-downloaded all my apps, or least the ones I wanted again. after a couple hours and using different apps at once it started again, although this time it was not as back but still enough to annoy me. I then tried just using one app at a time and by doing simple things like check the settings of something it would then turn to black and not respond to any keys with me holding them down.

    Now just recently I tried to go on the internet on my S III and once again it turned to black, not turning on for any keys pressed or held, only way to get it to turn on is pulling out the battery and putting it back in. I have read some possible reasons why it may do this, and some solutions, so far none have worked for me, I am at a loss of what to do or what steps to take, and what the problem could be at all, or any solution.

    Now I ask with all I have submitted (hopefully it's not to confusing to understand) if it helps at all I have the Samsung Galaxy S III 16 GB Marble White version from sprint, that I bought a little over a year ago, one year and one month if I had to guess. So here is all that has happened with my phone, I hope to get some feed back or result in context to what I listed.
    07-31-2013 09:57 AM
  14. drmaf894c's Avatar
    Hey all,

    In the past I have had a similar issue. Now this was way before many of the recent updates and I haven't had the issue since then but there was a time that the stock browser was causing issues with the phone freezing up. Wasn't sure if you all have tried using a different browser but that fixed the problem similar to this before as the phone would freeze when the screen would time out when using the browser. I don't know if that is still an issue as I have used a different one since then but thought I would put that out there to see if it would help of if that correlates with what you are seeing on your phones.

    Hope it helps some, good luck.
    08-02-2013 05:58 PM
  15. Lorin Gilbert1's Avatar
    I just starting having the same problem with getting a black screen and I must remove the battery to restart. It happens several times a day whether I am doing anything or not. I have verizon but others mentioned they have Sprint so carrier is not the issue. About two or 3 weeks ago I had to replace the sdcard but it worked fine until a few days ago. I am beginning to think this is a bug in the latest update for the OS.
    08-11-2013 09:10 PM
  16. GSDer's Avatar
    Yeah, be as specific as you can - and ditch the advertisement for Oakleys while you're at it.

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    08-11-2013 10:18 PM
  17. southsam7's Avatar
    Piece of chinese junk. I will never get another Samsung. Mine crashes, memory card fried, vibrator module broke. First one was a dud right out of the box. Never again.
    09-02-2013 04:26 PM
  18. Perooo1's Avatar
    Hey guys, I have problem with my phone crashing as well. Last week I got my Samsung galaxy s3 GT-i9300. It's bought in Austria, and I live in Croatia so it doesn't have warranty in my country. The phone is relatively new. The guy I bought it from was using it mabye a few days. I belive phone is rooted becouse it has Superuser app installed. The first time when I got it and turned it on I went to google play. It wasn't running latest version of google play. After like 10 minutes of playing with phone it just crashed. Screen went black, but I could see status bar. I wasn't able to turn it off, home button wasn't responding as well as capacitive buttons(I'm not native english speaker, so I'm sorry if I can't describe some words or I spell them wrong). But I could turn my screen on and off. I let it unfreeze for around 15 minutes but it didn't. Only solution was to pull out the battery. Four days ago it happend again. The same thing, black screen, I could only pull the battery out. Yesterday and today it crashed like 3 times. I left it for around hour and it didn't unfreeze. I didn't try factory reset, if it happens again I'll do it over weekend becouse I don't have time right now. I have black samsung galaxy s3 unlocked, but I have T-mobile SIM card in it If you have any ideas how could I fix please tell me
    10-20-2013 02:46 PM
  19. GSDer's Avatar
    I'd suggest using the Kies software on your PC to reload the stock firmware. Who knows WHAT you got in your purchase.

    You can certainly try a Factory Reset, and while you're at it you should clear the system cache in Recovery mode.

    Sent from my rooted, debloated, deodexed Sinclair ZX-80 running CM 10.2 using Tapatalk 4
    10-20-2013 07:35 PM
  20. La Danesa's Avatar
    My Galaxy 3S mini started crashing again and again a week ago. I found this guideline about "Rebooting into recovery mode" http://forums.androidcentral.com/sam...2-s3-tab2.html . I did exactly as described, and it worked! Now my Galaxy 3S mini back to normal again. I am glad I did not throw it into a waste bin.
    06-18-2014 03:01 PM
  21. Deepan Siddarthan's Avatar
    I am having the same problem.My phone is rooted and running Archidroid v 3.I am getting this only when i play graphics intensive games like real racing 3.Can anybody help me out???
    01-28-2015 01:59 PM

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