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    I'm sure you all know about the dial pad's screen black-out problem on the S3 that Samsung keeps ignoring. How this phone can get such rave reviews with this kind of problem affecting basic use of the phone itself is a real mystery to me. I'm wondering if anyone knows if this problem is on *all* S3's or maybe something like certain batch numbers or whatever?

    After spending an hour on the phone with VZW tech support several months ago the guy finally admitted it's a known issue and the only solution is to wait for a fix. I've done that now for like 4 months and so far nothing. How can Samsung ignore this?

    I can't afford to try to push VZW into replacing it cuz I'm figuring it would cost me the $100 replacement fee and right now that isn't a financial option. I don't think I should have to pay for a replacement phone either considering it's a known functionality issue and not something I did that broke it. I paid full price for this phone (something I'll *never* do again) and that's more than enough money spent on the dang thing.

    05-24-2013 12:54 PM

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