1. Kyle Boykins's Avatar
    Hi. I've recently purchased a Verizon S3 from a private owner who assured me that the phone was fully functioning on T-Mobile. I can make and recieve calls on the phone but I can't recieve mms or browse the web without wifi. I have superuser and believe the phone is rooted. Please help
    06-02-2013 12:41 PM
  2. friedtators's Avatar
    if its the SCH-I535 you can not use on gsm. tmobile or att
    06-02-2013 02:35 PM
  3. Stephen Egan's Avatar
    The way i have found to get data working is use apn manager and add the apns for t mobile in your phone there are lots of videos about it on youtube

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    06-02-2013 04:05 PM
  4. Janell Matz's Avatar
    I have recently switched my Verizon Samsung s3 to a t-mobile network. The phone is unlocked and i can make calls and text but Verizon has disabled the ability to change apn numbers on this phone. Is there anything I can do?
    06-02-2013 04:13 PM
  5. Stephen Egan's Avatar
    Use apn manager and convert it to a system app with
    Titanium backup pro that is how I did it look up the apns for t mobile with google
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    06-02-2013 04:33 PM
  6. GTWalling's Avatar
    Not really sure but the Sim card for Verizon is for LTE only and not GSM. The Titanium backup suggested by Stephen is for Rooted phones only. The only way you may get it working is to Root, but no guarantee.
    06-02-2013 10:07 PM
  7. cyrusIIII's Avatar
    I had the same exact problem. My phone is not even rooted but unlocked! At least when I run Titanium on it, it said that it has not rooted! But I just went to setting>>more settings>>mobile networks>>Access point Names>>press menu button>>Add a new Access point
    Enter Data as:
    APN settings for data and picture messaging (MM... | T-Mobile Support
    Be sure your setting is Global and Roaming is active (You can deactivate Roaming later)
    Hope it help you
    08-01-2013 05:53 PM
  8. radhi19's Avatar
    i cant get the data to work without being connected to wifi-- any help please?
    08-03-2013 06:47 PM
  9. GTWalling's Avatar
    It may only work on 2G witch is slow enough for the MMS and web browsing to time out. I don't know of any way myself.
    08-04-2013 09:16 AM
  10. Jesus Arceo's Avatar

    Try this if you have not found any other solutions. It worked for me.
    10-15-2013 11:06 AM
  11. debush0007's Avatar
    Am thinking about switching carrier from Verizon to Tmobile & have G S3. It is a SCH-I535. The Tmobile website states all I need is their sim card but this forum states otherwise? Has anything changed recently?? (phone is not unlocked & not rooted)
    10-18-2013 10:02 AM
  12. radhi19's Avatar
    still haven't been able to figure out a way to get data to work without being on wifi...anyone have any clue? thanks
    10-20-2013 09:10 AM
  13. dpham00's Avatar
    still haven't been able to figure out a way to get data to work without being on wifi...anyone have any clue? thanks
    Did you edit the apn? It is in the mobile networks menu

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    10-21-2013 05:37 PM
  14. radhi19's Avatar
    Did you edit the apn? It is in the mobile networks menu

    Sent from my Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 3 via Tapatalk Pro
    yea, ive changed the apn... data only works for me if it's connected to wifi
    10-23-2013 09:47 AM
  15. mabry77's Avatar
    I got the data and mms working today on the Verizon S3 for Tmobile. As stated, it is only 2G Edge speeds. All I did was add the Tmobile APN settings, in Global mode. No issues after that. Didn't even have to reboot. After I entered the apn settings, and chose Tmobile in the apn list, the E symbol came right on. Hope this helps people.
    10-24-2013 12:25 AM
  16. Sammy Taylor's Avatar
    Was your phone LTE capable? I have the same phone and have heard the LTE phones won't work. I am not concerned about getting fast internet as I am near wifi 98 percent of the time, but want to make sure calling/texting will work. Thinking about Net10 AT&T SIM BYOP plan. Thanks!
    11-26-2013 09:59 AM
  17. Miguel Zarco Coria's Avatar
    It really should be the APN settings, I was in Mexico and popped a telcel card in my phone (Verizon Note 2) and it would not get internet until I changed the APN settings. My phone was rooted though.
    01-18-2014 02:53 AM
  18. moe hamed's Avatar
    you can go to the setting-connection-more network- mobile network-access point name u gonna see on the bottom + hit it and add the apn for tmobile if u need any help I can help u
    02-07-2014 02:47 PM
  19. GTWalling's Avatar
    T-Mobile uses a different frequency for it's LTE. SMS will work over Wi-Fi but MMS will not. MMS requires 3/4G Data.
    02-07-2014 06:26 PM
  20. Jessica Alston's Avatar
    I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 model i535 with Verizon logo. I can use it on H2O wireless (a subsidiary of AT&T) and get talk text and data with no problems.
    I changed to tmobile but can only get the talk and text to work...... no data. I have changed/added the tmobile APN without success.

    Can anyone help?
    04-03-2014 11:39 AM
  21. Josh Mcintire's Avatar
    Have you switched the network mode? And what tmobile apn are you using? They have several, if you are changing the son it's best to try them all and make sure it I s the right one for your device. Like for tmobiOK e a few of them I can remember off the top if my head are named " T-MOBILE--- another one is T-MOBILE US LTE
    , Also under the roaming option have it checked to connect to data services when roaming. make surebyou go to mobile operators after you save the new apn you are using and usually you can just select auto & it will pi CVS k up the network whose sim is in.
    10-14-2015 10:34 PM
  22. Josh Mcintire's Avatar
    T-Mobile has a entire LTE named apn of course some devices can run in it no problem at all. You would be surprised to OK learn just how many sprint and Verizon phones can work on gsm networks without even missing a beat as long as they are setup right up right. Just goigke how many if them take sins and are capable of running on either and vice verse. Its only a radio bands frequency, it's not that hard to change AM TO FM right? A little bit if a bigger challenge than that on phones, but I am glad for that if phones and computers, and fancy networks didn't malfunction or everybody knew how to do everything with, well I wouldn't have a job
    10-14-2015 10:39 PM
  23. Josh Mcintire's Avatar
    Ohh and one more thing, if need be root your phone and install the advanced signal status app, it takes you to the see same place as a at&t and tmibile dialer code where you can modify your connection values, but only tinker in there if you know what you are doing obviously.
    10-14-2015 10:46 PM

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