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    My Galaxy S3 has been acting up since I got the update. Today, I decided I would switch from a third party launcher to TouchWiz, and now when I turn on my phone, it gets to the lockscreen, but it restarts about 5 seconds later. If you try to touch the screen, nothing happens. TouchWiz used to be fine, and the installation of this update about 3 days ago is the only thing that has changed on my phone. The only thing I have tried doing is removing the battery. Even if Verizon does push a fix, I won't be able to install it. It is a bit upsetting to know that this is the most I have paid for an android device, yet it is the only one to have major software issues. I would rather not root my phone, because I have had some bad experiences with rooting in the past. Is there anything else I can do? Could it be something other than an update that is causing this bootloop?
    EDIT: The phone started getting very hot so I removed the battery. Strangely the battery isn't hot.
    06-29-2013 10:58 AM
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    You didn't mention which "update" your phone received - are you referring to the MF1 OTA?
    Which launcher were you using previously and how did you go about switching back to TouchWiz?
    It may be enough for you to just go to Settings -> Application manager -> press the Menu button again and choose "Reset app preferences".
    If that doesn't work then I'd suggest performing a Factory Reset (which is generally a good idea after an OTA anyway).

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    06-29-2013 11:40 AM

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