1. Cory Wall's Avatar
    A couple days ago, I noticed my phone was constantly warm (not the battery) and my battery life significantly decreased. The battery drain was happening while the phone screen was on standby/off, screen on, and airplane mode. Nothing I could do would save battery unless I turned it COMPLETELY off when I wasn't needing it. I thought it might be the battery, so I bought a new one, but no luck. I still had the same problem.

    I then spent two days reading other Galaxy s3 users' similar problems and tried all the suggested solutions ( Battery managers, app killers, process killers, deleting cache, deleting updates, etc.) Still no luck. I didn't have any one "run away" app or process and everything on my Battery Screen checked out with "Display" and "Android System" being #1 and #2. What else could this be?

    My phone never cools down and the battery is constantly being used.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'm looking to avoid having to do a reset.

    07-23-2013 09:25 AM
  2. eibbed0001's Avatar
    I'm sure you've tried this already, but is the GPS on? That causes my phone to get pretty warm.
    07-23-2013 09:38 AM
  3. drmaf894c's Avatar
    Can you post pics of the battery life you are getting (ie the battery screen as well as the list of apps using the most power?) that can often be helpful in pinpointing the issue. It does sound suspicious for a rouge app though even though you have done some testing to find it. One method that often gets over looked is to boot the phone into safemode (this disables all installed apps from functioning) and may give you an idea if there is one present or not. Otherwise a reset or uninstall of all apps that you downloaded recently and installing them one at a time until you find the culprit. It truly is a pain but may be a way to find the issue.

    Good luck.
    07-23-2013 04:48 PM
  4. meyerweb#CB's Avatar
    See if the troubleshooting suggestions in this thread will help you narrow it down:

    07-23-2013 05:06 PM

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