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    Help! I have a Samsung Galaxy 3 and my SD card in it just stopped working. Doesn't show my folders or any of my pictures. It won't recognize it in my phone or in any other one. Tried putting it in a card reader on my computer and it doesn't do anything. I have tried restarting my phone.. taking the sd card out and putting it back in. I have so many pictures on there.. esp of my son when he was a baby! Anyone know what I can do?!
    12-14-2013 09:48 PM
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    Welcome to the forums!

    This would have been a great post had it been phrased as 'hey, I'd like to learn how to backup the important information I have stored on my SD card', and had it been posted before you ran into this problem.

    Unfortunately, the SGSIII (and S4 from what I hear) has a history of corrupting SD cards. If you are unable to read the card in your computer odds are that it is toast. You can try putting it back in the phone to see if it gets recognized again (I've seen posts saying that it magically reappeared), but if your phone and computer don't recognize it then there's not much to be done.

    You could try one of those data recovery services, but I think they're rather pricey. Also not sure if they work with SD card media.

    In the future you can try something like:
    Cloud Drive: http://market.android.com/details?id...uddrive.photos (automatically backup your pictures/videos to the cloud; 5GB free)
    Drive Photo Uploader: http://market.android.com/details?id...drivephotosync (upload your pictures to Google Drive)
    There are similar apps for Dropbox.

    And if you're on Verizon, they include Backup Assistant Plus, which automatically backs up your pictures to their cloud (1GB, or perhaps 5GB - just saw a blurb about Verizon Cloud). This should be enabled by default.

    Edit: using the Kies software on your PC is another great way to backup your information; both from the phone and SD card.

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    12-14-2013 11:56 PM

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