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    title should read s3, sorry. i have a verizon, moved to correct forum.

    i've looked online and couldn't find anything. here is the problem.

    i have a 64 gb micro sd card i use. it is a sandisk ultra.

    i've since formatted it to fat 32.

    what happens is i use this to hold mp3 songs and have them by genre. i.e. disco, classic r & b, 80's, etc.

    they'll play for awhile then for some reason my galaxy will change the folder's name into something like μisco or μlassi~2

    the file will be visible, but the contents missing.

    when i place it in the adapter, it show as having the space used, but the files are missing.

    when i right click the folder, it's "read only" and "archives" checked.

    unchecking does nothing.

    if i delete them, they're gone, but show back up on the galaxy.

    i need to reformat to completely get rid of them. but this becomes troublesome.

    any ideas? thanks.
    01-28-2014 05:14 PM
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    they'll play for awhile then for some reason my galaxy will change the folder's name into something like μisco or μlassi~2
    If you look in the Lost+Found directory on the SD card you may find the files there, albeit with strange names.

    This is, unfortunately, an age old problem on this phone. More generally, the SD card seems subject to random corruption, up-to-and-including making the SD card completely unusable, even if you take it out and try to use it in another device.

    SanDisk seemed to get most of the blame, but it happens on other brands as well. Some fingers have also pointed at a bug in the Google code, but regardless, the problem has never been rectified.

    64GB cards seem particularly affected, and music/videos are often the file types that are called out as getting corrupted the most.

    My suggestion? Purchase a 32GB Samsung card and format it in the phone; use some syncing software to get your music library on the SD card (i.e. avoid dragging-and-dropping files onto the card via an MTP connection); or just put your music on the internal memory.


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    01-29-2014 01:54 PM

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